Criminal justice attorney

Criminal Defense Attorneys, Ryan Garry LLC
Criminal Defense Attorneys, Ryan Garry LLC Reviews

Review: So thankful Mr. Garry was able to represent my daughter in what was a very scary time in her life. Ryan was thoughtful, professional, knowledgeable and accessible. He was able to get her charge dropped! We would most definitely recommend Ryan and his assistant's services. Read More

P.A., Sheridan & Dulas
P.A., Sheridan & Dulas Reviews

Review: I hired Andrew Hunstead long distance by phone. We discussed my marriage and many of the unique financial aspects to it, and what I hoped to accomplish in the settlement agreement. Andrew was extremely patient with me and the emotional struggle I had with exiting a long term partnership that I did not plan to leave. He was kind and gentle with me but kept me on task. Andrew was really great at guiding me through the negotiations, reminding me of what mattered and what really didn't. Andrew knew ... Read More

Halberg Criminal Defense
Halberg Criminal Defense Reviews

Review: Can't say enough good here. Top notch professionals who know what they are doing. You really can't do better. Read More

Keller Law Offices
Keller Law Offices Reviews

Review: I had a great experience working with the Keller Law Offices. Max took on my case and resolved it with better outcomes than I thought possible. I am very happy with the results. It was a very smooth ride working with them altogether as they made themselves readily available and made sure I was in the loop on court dates, reports, documentation, and paperwork.
Thank you Keller Law Offices. Read More

Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis, Lauren Campoli PLLC
Criminal Defense Attorney Minneapolis, Lauren Campoli PLLC Reviews

Review: Ms. Campoli, not only is a GREAT attorney, but also a very compassionate human being! I am deeply thankful to her ! Read More

Gallagher Criminal Defense
Gallagher Criminal Defense Reviews

Review: I have been battling mental health my entire life that has got me into some troubles in the past. Tom has a vast amount of experience and passion dealing with mental health. I'm so grateful I finally found someone that understood how this sickness can take a person to their knees feeling trapped in a system that knows very little about how it affects the human mind/body and the troubles it can create. I would have never been able to stand up for myself as the court system dubs people as criminal... Read More

P.A., Rivers Law Firm
P.A., Rivers Law Firm Reviews

Review: Hard working, diligent and highly rated. Read More

DWI & Criminal Lawyers, Ambrose Law Firm
DWI & Criminal Lawyers, Ambrose Law Firm Reviews

Review: Pretty good lawyer.... I recommended to any one who needs legal help. Read More

DWI & Criminal Lawyer, F.T. Sessoms
DWI & Criminal Lawyer, F.T. Sessoms Reviews

Review: FT Sessoms was my lawyer for two DWI cases. The first one was settled with a great result and the second I just settled on November 6, 2019 it is my second DWI in ten years. He got me a great deal. Everyone I tell about the deal I got said I got a great deal. I recommend him to everyone who needs a lawyer. Read More

Speas Law
Speas Law Reviews

Review: Jennifer was absolutely amazing! I had gotten into some serious legal issues and was facing 2 felonies and a gross misdemeanor. From the very beginning and throughout she was very understanding and empathetic, which was very helpful considering how I was feeling. She charged a reasonable flat rate. She was with me through 4 court appearances as well as answering calls, texts and emails. She got both of the felonies dropped! I honestly couldn't have asked for a better outcome! She is a rock sta... Read More

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