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Review Left On 02/28/2020
Judie Alred

Feeling lost, with the pending divorce after 19 years of marriage , I reached out to Andrew T. Hunstad of Sheridan & Dulas, P.A.. He gave me the best advice " Get a good therapist because I am not. But I am an excellent attorney." He had my back through the entire process. And that was worth every dollar I spent.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Kari Anderson

After receiving divorce papers by a process server I knew I needed an attorney to view them before I signed my life away. I literally went onto Google and entered in "Divorce Attorneys" with my area I lived in and Sheridan & Dulas came up 1st. I decided just to call and if I didn't like them then I'll find someone else. The receptionist set me up with Attorney Andrew Hunstad, I sat with him for my free 1 hour consultation and needless to say by the end I retained him. He is honest, truthful, knowdependable, always responds asap, and has made my divorce case the best experience I've ever had with an Attorney. With absolutely no thought I could get what was fair from the divorce, Andrew made sure I got what was fair and I'm extremely pleased and thankful. Hands down, Sheridan & Dulas is the #1 place to go to for your divorce case. If you're able to, ask for a consultation with Andrew Hunstad... you won't regret it!!
Review Left On 02/07/2020
Linda Creviston

I hired Andrew Hunstead long distance by phone. We discussed my marriage and many of the unique financial aspects to it, and what I hoped to accomplish in the settlement agreement. Andrew was extremely patient with me and the emotional struggle I had with exiting a long term partnership that I did not plan to leave. He was kind and gentle with me but kept me on task. Andrew was really great at guiding me through the negotiations, reminding me of what mattered and what really didn't. Andrew knew that language requiring my ex to provide financial assistance for my adult daughter's horses was paramount for me, and he found a way to accomplish that despite there not being any child support, and in a way that my ex did not perceive as "too much alimony". In other words, he allowed the opposing side to maintain dignity while still getting me a really fair settlement.

The single thing that he did which stands out though, and one about which my ex just hammered me, is that Andrew fought really hard to protect my marital share of my ex's privately held company stock. While there was no street value at the time of the divorce, the potential was there. Andrew held firm about putting language in regarding those shares. Less than a year after the divorce, the company announced recapitalization. The $5,000 or $7,000 I spent on Andrew working through that - and it took subpoenas to my ex's HR department - will net me a substantial amount once the shares transfer. I almost gave up on this battle as I felt like I'd won others. I'm so grateful that Andrew insisted I did not!

Additionally, we had three homes in three states; a lot of moving pieces and complicated income and assets and debts. Andrew was methodical and calm and wise and dug in to get the complete information, but remained patient and friendly and available to me as if I was his only client.

In the end, he went to court without me even there. I met him once, briefly; which in hindsight seems outrageous for a person who's legal work amounts to several million dollars worth of settlements. I couldn't be more happy with what Andrew accomplished for me and for how kind he was doing it. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a divorce attorney. His attention to detail and his knowledge of the law was priceless.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Mary Baker

I think they ARE going to win my case!!

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