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Ambrose Law Firm, DWI & Criminal Lawyers
Ambrose Law Firm, DWI & Criminal Lawyers Reviews

Review: Pretty good lawyer.... I recommended to any one who needs legal help. Read More

S Jankowski Law Office
S Jankowski Law Office Reviews

Review: My son, who is under 18 years old, was charged with multiple traffic violations and possession of marijuana. Wright County courts wanted to enforce driving restrictions and also keep it on his record, among other things. Steve was aggressive with the county attorney and was able to get the driving restriction thrown out along with having it off his record with a stay of adjudication for only 6 months; which is rare. Steve is gentle and compassionate with his clients but aggressive with prosecuti... Read More

Lundgren & Johnson, PSC, Criminal Defense Attorneys
Lundgren & Johnson, PSC, Criminal Defense Attorneys Reviews

Review: I was in an extremely difficult position with a criminal issue and called several attorneys in the MSP area for consultations. Several lawyers instructed me that my position was hopeless and one even stated that the best thing I could was to turn myself in, rely on a public defender, and that I should expect to lose my stay of adjudication, which would have resulted in a dismissal of charges had I not violated probation. I then spoke to Adam Johnson, who agreed to take my case despite the positi... Read More

Universal Defense Criminal Litigation
Universal Defense Criminal Litigation Reviews

Review: We beat the case! Awesome guy Read More

Doug Carlson, Esq., PLLC
Doug Carlson, Esq., PLLC Reviews

Review: Very great with his work and his good at updating you about your case. I will encourage you to let Doug take your case. Read More

Kowitz Law
Kowitz Law Reviews

Review: I would highly recommend Travis Kowitz to anyone needing representation. Not only did he do exactly what he said he would but also went out of his way to meet and reassure me and my family that things would be alright. HIGHLY RECOMENDED! Read More

Timothy D Webb - Criminal Defense Lawyer Minneapolis
Timothy D Webb - Criminal Defense Lawyer Minneapolis Reviews

Review: Another lawyer, who is a family friend, strongly recommended that I hire Tim. During our first meeting, he was able to explain the charges and what needed to be done before my next court date. He talked to me like a friend and used non-legal terms to explain the issues and our options. I was very happy with the outcome and can highly recommend his office. Read More

Bussa Law
Bussa Law Reviews

Review: Tony's a great attorney I could always get a hold of him. Read More

Schafer Law Firm, P.A.
Schafer Law Firm, P.A. Reviews

Review: We found ourselves in need of a lawyer and preferred to have someone local. Upon 1st meeting Brent Schafer we knew that he would be the perfect lawyer for us and he did not disappoint. Took time to explain things and kept us informed during our legal process. Great communication skills and happy with the outcome in the end. Read More

Keyser Law, P.A, Criminal Defense Lawyer
Keyser Law, P.A, Criminal Defense Lawyer Reviews

Review: Keyser Law was incredibly communicative, informative, and easy to work with. Christopher Keyser is helpful, understanding, knowledgeable, and an excellent lawyer. I would certainly recommend Keyser Law for anyone in need of expungement legal services. Read More

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