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Review Left On 03/02/2020

I would highly recommend Travis Kowitz to anyone needing representation. Not only did he do exactly what he said he would but also went out of his way to meet and reassure me and my family that things would be alright. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Laura Splittstoesser

Travis is fantastic to work with and I am truly grateful for the advice he gave. We spoke at length free of charge and he provided much needed guidance for a very important case. He knows the law. He is confident in his decisions, and he gives it to you straight. It is evident that he has experience beyond the law books and a vast knowledge of his profession. Thank you again!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Mallory Aitchison

Had a great experience working with Travis! He helped me out on a scenario I was not familiar with. Travis laid out the options I had and I determined a lawyer wouldn’t be needed. Travis went the extra mile to assist me in getting the issue resolved in a timely matter. Will be recommending Travis & know who to call in the future! Thank you so much for all of your help.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Michael Caputo

Travis' knowledge of law is superb. His legal advice saved me a ton of headache!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
mike stubbs

I called Kowitz Law about a civil matter and Travis helped me navigate through some documents and answered every question I had. He also gave me some great advice as the legal process can be very difficult. I would highly recommended Kowitz Law. Travis is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Mike Zwickey

Knowledgeable and practical, Travis Kowitz and Kowitz Law offers fair and honest legal representation. He will always steer you in the direction that is in your best interest. I will continue to use and refer Kowitz Law and Travis when ever there is the need.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Marc Jacob

Working with Travis was a great experience. He is my go to guy for legal stuff. Travis helped answer the million of legal questions I had during my process of starting my business. He was fast to respond, informational, and did well with putting information into terms I could understand. I even requested for him to draw up some legal documents for my business and he was able to get those to me in a very breif amount of time. There are alot of lawers and other legal advisors out there and it can be hard to decide who to use, but I will tell you, going with Travis, you will get nothing but a professional, focus driven, quick and effeciant experience. 5 stars in my book all day!
Review Left On 03/02/2020

Travis is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Whether your situation is simple or complex, he will do everything he can to help you. He’s the best there is. I highly recommend Travis for all legal needs.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Vicki Greene

I have known Travis for several years, and he is awesome! If you’re looking for legal advice or someone to defend you, I cannot think of a better person than Travis. He is very attentive, personal, responsive, fair priced and aggressive in the courtroom. The best of the best!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
admin Elite Finisher

I've had the pleasure of working with Travis for approximately a month to date. I was very impressed by Travis's professionalism, intelligence and responsiveness. Travis is reliable, dependable and a very hard worker. I am not easy to impress, as I've spent most of my professional career around attorneys. However, I can see how dedicated Travis is and how hard he fights for his clients. Travis's knowledge of the law and his ability to represent his clients to their fullest advantage goes unrivaled. It is my pleasure to recommend him to anyone seeking the very best legal counsel.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Jordan M

I had a personal matter that I didn't know how to handle. Travis met with me for free to discuss my options and was fair and honest. With his guidance, it was determined a lawyer wasn't needed. But, I had a better understanding and a plan moving forward.
Thank you Travis!

I will be using Kowitz Law for any legal matter in the future!
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Sierra Watkins

I’m a 23 year old college student who has never been in trouble with the law before. I was scared and confused. James Robbins was perfect and I am very lucky I found this law firm. For a reasonable price James kept in touch with me, advocated for me, and did a great job of explaining the process and everything to me. He even drove over an hour every time to meet with me and go to court with me. Thanks to him one of my charges was dropped completely and the other is now only a misdemeanor. This was the outcome we had been hoping for and I couldn’t have asked for a better one.
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Jeff Fisher

I've made a few bad choices in my life, I'm not proud of so I made a decision to live a better life. I've have needed help from a lawyer enough to know whether or not they know what they are doing. Travis was my lawyer for my last court appearance. Wow is all I have to say about this situation, I won't get into the details, this man as far as I can tell, did the impossible. He has a passion for the job, and likes to go to trial and win. Worth every penny, won't let you down!
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Lakrisha Hill

I would recommend this law firm to everyone!!!!!. Both attorneys went above and beyond on my case, I was informed every step of the way regarding my case. I never seen such hard work done !!!! I am a very pleased customer and very pleased of the win they delivered !!!!!! Five stars service ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Review Left On 11/02/2019
Future Attorney

James Robbins at this law firm is outstanding!!!! He was working on my case even when he was deployed in Kuwait working as a prosecutor there!! He also called me to keep me informed the entire time. He responds to phone calls within minutes- he legitimately cares about his clients as people!!! His understanding of how prosecutors think and work is unbelievable- he was one himself for years! His understanding of the law is unprecedented. Other attorneys go to HIM for help so why hire all these other people?!? This guy gets RESULTS!!!
Review Left On 10/02/2019
Mitchell Leee

Travis and James are stellar from start to finish. From talking you off the cliff and creating a plan that will beat the opposition to obtaining the RESULTS, they are the best! I had a situation which didn't require an attorney but was still provided unbelievably sound advice! I would hire these two no matter what!
Review Left On 10/02/2019
Amanda Ulrick

Travis Koetz saved me! When I initially spoke with him, I was just getting out of jail on bond and I was terrified that I was going to prison! He spoke to me with such confidence that I felt so much better by the end of our call. He kept me in the know with what was going to happen and walked me through each step so that I could actually understand what was going on! He made me feel like everything was going to be okay even though I was facing 3-5 years and that's the minimum penalty of my charge! He is the best lawyer I've ever had, and I definitely would never consider him to be dishonest or unfocused...he was my lawyer! And will be if I ever need one again...
Review Left On 08/02/2019
Nickels Docs

If you're reading this post, look no further for a lawyer. You've found the best. Travis saved MY CAREER AND MY LIFE! Working with Kowitz Law has been absolutely relieving and amazing! Travis and James are both exceptional at what they do partially because they have experience as former prosecutors. This means they can easily read and outsmart any opposition. I don't know why anyone would go anywhere else. What separates this firm from the pack is their willingness to roll up their sleeves and do all the work necessary to win-- Travis and James were literally working around the clock to help me. They will stay up till 2am to talk you through things, to research and to fight for you. In my experience, attorneys usually do the bare minimum to get their clients a deal which justifies their high costs. Travis and James work hand in hand to get the best results possible. They are also both very personable and extremely responsive- they will get back to you within minutes if they don't take your call right away. Beyond that, they have a way of working with you so that you can resume your life and live the best life you can. When your back is against the wall, the last thing you need is someone who doesn't counsel you through how to move forward in life. It is very difficult to impress me but these two do so every time! HIRE KOWITZ LAW IMMEDIATELY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT YOUR LIFE!
Review Left On 06/02/2019
Hannah Bluhm

Extremely happy with the quality and integrity with which we were represented.
All options were always laid out in front of us clearly with no pressure.
I would recommend Mr. Kowitz's services to friends and family, which is something I do not do lightly.
Review Left On 05/02/2019
Christopher Pate

When searching for a criminal lawyer Travis is a must!! based on references and personal experience.Had a unfortunate criminal problem to deal with .Travis instantly went to work and my concerns went away Not only his knowledge of the law travis goes above and beyond any anything i expected when dealing with criminal matters Amazing!!This man does not loose ! He’s not one of the best he is the BEST
Review Left On 04/02/2019
Maria Swanson

Travis is the most incredible attorney. He is brilliant, kind, hard working, insanely dedicated, personable and his success rate shows it. I could not leave a better recommendation. He is it. There is no one better. Hire Travis at Kowitz Law. You will not regret it!

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