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Criminal justice attorney in Otsego, MN
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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Deidra Eshelman

This man knows what he’s doing, getting my charges reduced from potentially 2000$ to 50$! You have to like that. Would recommend him to anyone and everyone, even my mother. Great attorney and good guy. Thanks Rick
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Marla Valentini

Amazing lawyer he will fight for your rights.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Matt Whelan

We beat the case! Awesome guy
Review Left On 02/16/2020
Jamie Peterson

This is the number to program into your phone. This is the lawyer you call when life goes sideways. LaRoy knows the way ahead, he'll treat you with privacy and compassion.
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Shannon Lacroix

Rick is an outstanding lawyer and friend. When I hit an all time low and needed help, he was there to assist me.
He's the guy you here about that goes that extra mile. At one point, he came to the jail I was incarcerated at
( & only for a short stay), THANK YOU SO MUCH RICK, on
a sunday night at 10:00p.m.
just to tell me he wouldnt be able to be reached for a couple days . His reasoning for coming then was because it was right before christmas and he would be with his mom for the holidays, plus to check on me and see how I was doing and wish me a merry christmas. Plus he wasent asking for an arm and a leg , or the deed to my house. Lol. - you get the picture- the cost was very reasonable and that couldnt have come at a better time for me .
He knows his work 100% and he does a great job.There once was a saying on an old commercial that stated" I do my job,and I do it well", that's him, very professional.
Oh I have one more thing to share, at the end of court when everything was just about over, the judge talking directly at me" well us", and rick looked over at him and he politely corrected him. The judge burst out laughing, the whole court room was giggling and laughing. Here the judge had been addressing rick and myself incorrectly the whole time by accidently switching our last names. "Mr. Lacroix he'd say, and Mrs. Leroy". Hahahaha funny.
So it's not to often you go to court for something, and leave laughing. Just saying That's the kinda guy Rick is. That being said, I strongly recommend Richard (rick) Leroy be your lawyer if there ever comes a time your in need of one. You'll walk away satisfied I guarantee it. Shannon
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Cathleen Cielocha

I’ve had to depend on Rick a few times. He is an incredibly talented lawyer. He explains everything to you, is always available when you need him. He is brilliant in the court room and will do the best job for you. He truly cares about his clients and their well being. He always goes that extra mile. He takes so much stress off of you. If you need a lawyer to stand up for your rights and not afraid to go to battle for you, without a doubt this is the guy you want in your corner. Through my trials, I never lost faith in Rick. I always had confidence we would come out of a courtroom with a win, and we always have. His phone number is the one you will want to have in your phone. You won’t be disappointed!
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Richard LeRoy

Latest universal Defense review of Richard L 1/20/20

What a amazing guy and even better lawyer! When I was arrested and thrown in jail I was in utter Despair. I was facing a hefty felony charge with guaranteed jail time. I was so scared. My life was over. I knew I had to get a lawyer but not just anyone. I didn’t want to be one in many cases that the defense lawyers were dealing with. My mom had recommended him from a previous legal situation that she had been in that he helped her with. When I met up with him for the first time I was instantly comfortable and reassured that he had my back and that everything was going to work out , and well it did! My felony charge was dropped and I have no jail time !!! I couldn’t be more pleased and great full. I wouldn’t recommend any other lawyer!

Review Left On 02/09/2020
ed yellowhammer

I've worked with many attorneys over the years as an Investigator, but when I needed a lawyer my 1st call was to Rick. He handled my case professionally and was surprisingly affordable for the representation I received. Rick is the best !! I highly recommend getting a consultation from Rick before you hire an attorney.
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Anthony Turner

I've used Rick as a trial lawyer on a case that would have sent me to prison for ten years. He was there for me through everything witch took a while. He got the facts and did what it took to win my case against a trial lawyer that had never lost a case. If you really need someone in your corner to.fight for you give him a call and he will give his all. Any case, he's the one to call.
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Johns Classic Car Repair Llc

Well whel I called richard , he was right on point . I told him what I had going on . He called me back within moments. Told exactly what I needed to do . Well I met with him , hired him and within a few days had a resolution . We had to be seen in court . This gentleman explained things so I could understand it. He did exactly what was planned . Very professional and handled my affairs like they were on the top of his list . We resolved all issues , I stayed out of jail . With his help its the first time I've been handled with actual justice in the system instead of rail roading me with a public defender . Worth every penny .I recommend Richard Leroy and his firm every chance I get .
Review Left On 11/01/2019
Jack Bertram

I was very grateful to have Richard as my defense attorney. He was thorough with explaining what to expect with each step of the case and was available for questions at any time. This being my first encounter with having to defend myself through the legal system, he was invaluable not only to the eventual outcome of the case, but the peace of mind brought to me through the months it dragged on. Couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Review Left On 04/01/2019
Dawn Michelle Crowe

Rick has a great heart and cares for his clients. He knows what he is doing and is passionate about doing his work well. You can not go wrong hiring Rick. He will give you the best defense you could ask for!

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