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Criminal justice attorney in Minneapolis, MN
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Review Left On 02/29/2020
Sheila Dehne

Bruce Rivers was a great asset to our family. We were facing so many tough times and he was there every step of the way. We are do grateful for his knowledge and wisdom..Thank you so very much.
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Kasey Widner

Bruce Rivers is an amazing and compassionate lawyer who knew what do to, how to do it, and handled is professionally and competently. My family went through some very scary and stressful things, and now only did he make us feel confident, but he came through for my family with a not guilty verdict! We HIGHLY recommend Bruce to anyone for anything. Thank you Bruce!!
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Keith Duffee

I Hired Bruce about a year ago to represent me on a civil case. Bruce spent the last year battling all the paperwork and making sure I was taken care of. The company I was fighting had a lot more money than I did and tried to squash me with a overwhelming amount of paperwork. Bruce held to his price we agreed on and to be honest made them look funny at the jury trial. We won the case. He had a ton of details and seemed to know the answers before they could say them. You could tell that Bruce and his staff worked hard on making sure they had all the details. I appreciate the hard work you guys did.

Keith Duffee
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Kenneth Lowe

Whoever is writing these bad reviews are definitely liars. I have been represented by Mr Rivers several times and always left the court satisfied with the outcome.
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Heather Carlson

If your looking at this, your likely looking for someone to advocate for you. This attorney will not do that for you. He will make everything more difficult. Hard to work with and never available. The only time he made himself available for me was to take my money. Please do your research. It’s your life and time on the line. You deserve someone who will advocate for you.
Review Left On 02/29/2020
JourneyTo Glowup

He’s a horrible lawyer do not waste your money or energy. He taken as a joke amongst his colleagues. Will not take your case seriously. He boisterously ignorant.
Review Left On 02/08/2020
Steve Stauff

Hard working, diligent and highly rated.
Review Left On 12/29/2019

Bruce was very nice to me and listened to my situation. Also he helped me out by writing a letter without charge and he did not have to do that. So I appreciate Bruce very much.
Review Left On 10/29/2019
Ojibwe Queen

Very negative energy! I watched him tell the mother of the defendant at the verdict hearing to "expect guilty on all counts" He didnt even try to keep it positive or hopeful!!
Review Left On 10/29/2019
Barbara Ryan

My family needed protection and this is where we found it. Bruce Rivers quickly developed an excellent rapport with us, based on mutual respect. He listened with empathy, advised with the wisdom that comes from insight and experience, and resolved our case successfully. I appreciated the way Bruce made us feel like our case was top priority and I'm sure he does that for every client. He also provided a lighthearted but professional experience which made court less stressful for us.

Bruce has an impeccable reputation in the law community and has earned the highest accolades a lawyer can receive. He is the very best lawyer to advocate for you under any circumstances.
Review Left On 10/29/2019
Malcolm Johnson

I would highly recommend Bruce Rivers. Experience matters. I saw firsthand in court how Bruce had the respect of the judge and the opposing attorney. Through negotiations, Bruce was able to shorten my family's court time, but more importantly, he won every point we were fighting for. His professional demeanor, expertise and extensive knowledge were invaluable.
Review Left On 10/29/2019
Shannon Ryan

Bruce was my advocate when I was unable to be one for myself. He made me feel comfortable and taken care of during one of the toughest times of my life. He was by my side every step of the way. Effective and straightforward yet kind and understanding. He was detailed and precise and a great communicator.

I couldn’t help but notice his respected relationship with the judge, other lawyers and officials in the court room. People looked up to him and he had a way of putting everyone at ease. Bruce is a good man with a great heart (that’s an assertive lawyer when you need it most).
I received my desired outcome in the case and it moved along faster than expected.
Anyone would be lucky to have Bruce Rivers on their side.
Review Left On 06/29/2019
Lindsay Doty

Bruce is amazing.. He's professional, yet has a great sense of humor. He is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone. I've known Bruce along time. He's covered my cases, as well as my family and friends. And also, I would love to have him as a boss. He takes care of his employees like family. Having a good boss is important. I've had the pleasure of knowing his employees for years as well. He cares alot about the clients he takes on, just as he does his employees. All around a good soul.
Review Left On 06/29/2019
Lissette Reinbold

The worst kind of attorney!. He Promises results he cannot deliver. He is suppose to listen to his clients but has his own agenda and does what he wants. When asking for copy of documents his clients are entitled to him and his office staff take forever and you have to persistently ask them for them.
Rude & arrogant.
Review Left On 05/29/2019
Music Fun

Bruce is the best! Truly cares about his clients and their families!
Review Left On 05/29/2019

People seem to think that attorneys work for you. In fact, they work with you. Such was the case in my experience with Bruce Rivers.
Bruce dealt with my case when it needed dealing. He took my calls and scheduled many meetings with me though my 3 year long case. He took the time to understand my story. I was impressed by how strategic he was when communicating with the federal government.
By trusting him and allowing him to do his work, we landed a plea agreement that was 3 years prison from the 10 years that I was up against.
Moreover, because of my story being conveyed properly to his federal connections, the judge understood my situation and sentenced me below the statutory guidelines and I received just 3 years probation.
Starting at 10 years in prison over my head for conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance, gun charges, money laundering, tax evasion and receiving only 3 years probation for "falsifying a tax return", I'd say that is a resounding win... and relatively unheard of.
By hiring a professional, you are not just using their service, you are also using the connections they have spent their whole career developing. The system of government is convoluted at best and corrupt at its worst.
Bruce is your navigation through this muck.

Bruce is a very well connected attorney and in my case, his connections to high raking federal prosecutors allowed my story to be told fairly and justly; thus, keeping me out of federal prison.

Thank you Bruce Rivers!
Review Left On 04/29/2019
Mohamed Mohamed

Bruce was very helpful, he was with me through this tough time, and he is a good listener. In my eyes i will recommend everyone to go see him. Thank you so much
Review Left On 03/29/2019
Janet Delmore

Bruce is an amazing lawyer, he is the best
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Pete Johnson

Bruce handled my case very poorly. He didn't do me any good and seemed to be all talk and no action. He could not remember talking to a very important witness and didn't remember which charge he carelessly had me plea to. I trusted him and payed him $10,000 for nothing. I hope he is better at his job now compared to ten years ago. He should never taken my case because there turned out to be a conflict of interest. Perhaps he never represented a innocent client. His "do as little work for as much money as possible" conduct has caused me years of turmoil and ruined my credibility. Be careful trusting your future with Bruce. Stand up for yourself and be assertive if you are represented by Bruce. He could not even withdrawal a plea for me. Everything should have been dropped, stopped and my name should have been cleared and a letter of appology for the damage done to myself and children. Loser!
Review Left On 03/01/2017
mandy lee

Bruce is amazing! He really works to get the best outcome for you. Bruce handled 3 separate cases for me that were going on at the same time. He always was prepared with a game plan and got everything reduced to probation for me.
Review Left On 02/29/2016
Brenda Mackey

Bruce is a great Lawyer. He was a blessing for my son. My son could have gotten a lot more time then he did. He is very professional and very up front with you. I would use him again and I would give out references to people that need a criminal defense attorney. He knows the laws.
Thank you so much Bruce from the bottom of my heart and my families.
Brenda Shannon's mom
Review Left On 02/29/2016
Michael Merten

I was quite satisfied with the criminal defense work Rivers Law Firm did for my son. Instead of getting 30+ years and spending the rest of his life in prison, my son was released in 8 months. It literally saved his life.
Review Left On 02/29/2016
Amber Wright

I want to thank Bruce Rivers and his staff for making a very serious charge not so serious. I would not have been able to obtain such a great outcome without you, your experience, intelligence and expertise!! Thank you Bruce Rivers, Kelly Wilson and Jessica!!
Review Left On 03/01/2015
Colin Nicholson

A great lawyer for the case I am currently working with, He does care more about who you will become after your case is over. (Not just about winning your case) I really look forward to working with him if I ever need to. One of the best lawyers in the Midwest!!

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