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S. C., Atticus Family Law
S. C., Atticus Family Law Reviews

Review: After interviewing four different attorneys, I had no doubt that not only did I want Matt to represent me in court, but also to work with me through the divorce process. I require a little more time to make decisions than most and the staff at Atticus Family Law really have a knack for working around their clients needs. I went with my intuition on hiring the firm and it really worked out in my favor. Looking back, I have no regrets and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type o... Read More

LLC., Callahan Family Law and Mediation
LLC., Callahan Family Law and Mediation Reviews

Review: Christine was patient and kind. She both literally and figuratively held my hand through what became one of the most harrowing situations in my life. Every minute she knew exactly what to do, and she was ALWAYS right. Her expertise and general care and understanding of my situation was beyond the typical lawyer's job. Even post divorce, she continues to be a guide as the kids and I move into this new lifestyle. Read More

Kathleen M. Newman Family Law
Kathleen M. Newman Family Law Reviews

Review: Great to work with and very responsive. Read More

P.A., Pfeifer & Hart, Appelhof
P.A., Pfeifer & Hart, Appelhof Reviews

Review: *Revised October 2019*

I ended up retaining Ms. Lutz again in July 2019.

Yet again Ms. Lutz fiercely advocated for the best interest of my family and I. Ms. Lutz gave a very accurate, tenacious, passionate pleading to our Judge that resulted in the legal matter being ruled in my favor. Ms. Lutz presented a complex case and was able to passionately advocate on my families behalf. I was overly pleased with her legal knowledge and ability to put such a complex case together so precis... Read More

PLLC, Haugen Law Group
PLLC, Haugen Law Group Reviews

Review: Great family law practice. Honest, straightforward, focused and very effective. If you have a tough case these are the attorneys you need to guide you through it. Read More

Joseph M. Flanders
Joseph M. Flanders Reviews

Review: Having spoken to and assisted Mr. Flanders on regular basis for several months, I would recommend him to anyone that I know. He gives off an air of a very genuine and down-to-earth individual without losing his professional tone. His heart and head are set on helping others as their mediator and assisting them with estate planning. He understands wills, trusts, divorce, probate, and other topics. Mr. Flanders is a recommended lawyer for those of you who want to settle outside of the courthouse. ... Read More

Sullivan Law Office
Sullivan Law Office Reviews

Review: A very good law firm to deal with. Read More

LLC, Clausen & Hassan
LLC, Clausen & Hassan Reviews

Review: Great attorneys. I go to them with all my divorce needs. My fifth divorce was my favorite and they made it a breeze. Currently searching for future ex wives to keep my favorite attorney in business. I wish they did prenups and domestic violence defenses. Read More

Rodman & Kretchmer PA, Arnold
Rodman & Kretchmer PA, Arnold Reviews

Review: Scott Rodman has assisted me with legal matters since October, 2009. He is both kind and realistic. He has a unique way of speaking the truth and being direct without being harsh. He provides options and resources and has guided me to make appropriate decisions based on my circumstances. Scott is also great at listening to my goals and helping me formulate the best strategy to achieve those goals.

Scott helped me stay grounded during a very painful, vulnerable chapter in my life and... Read More

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