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Review Left On 03/03/2020
Jordan Perri

After interviewing four different attorneys, I had no doubt that not only did I want Matt to represent me in court, but also to work with me through the divorce process. I require a little more time to make decisions than most and the staff at Atticus Family Law really have a knack for working around their clients needs. I went with my intuition on hiring the firm and it really worked out in my favor. Looking back, I have no regrets and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs this type of assistance.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Arik Bjorn

Atticus went greatly to bat for us. We were so impressed by their efforts and personal service--imagine that, attorneys who actually treat you like human beings! Most HIGHLY recommended.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Mandi Siiro

I would highly recommend Matt Ludt from Atticus Law. He took the time to listen to all issues and found clear solutions to move forward on an unresolved divorce settlement. With his expertise and knowledge, I felt confident of resolution. Most of all, I appreciated his manner of conveying legal terms into something I was able to understand.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Emily Beltz

I was referred to Atticus by a former Atticus Client. I am so grateful to have Matt Ludt working on my case, as he has helped me through some very difficult times over the years. He has been very supportive and listened to my concerns. Matt is upfront and shows that he wants nothing but the best outcome for his clients. His team at Atticus have also been easy to work with. Missy especially has been a great go-to person with any questions/concerns I have. I Would highly recommend Atticus Family Law.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Holly Hansen

Excellent, Mr. Ludt picked up the pieces of my case after I let my first legal team go. He quickly analyzed and successfully poised me to reasonably settle my divorce. Divorce is a stressful personal time, its dark and challenging and calls for a knowledgeable team that yields peace of mind. I highly recommend the Atticus Law team and am extremely grateful I used them. Thank you Matt Ludt!
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Christy Phan

I have to say Matt is one of the best lawyer I’ve ever had. He was a great listener and very detail. Highly recommended to all of you in need of a outstanding lawyer
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Molli Meyer

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! You need Matt Ludt and Atticus Family Law in your corner! A close family member of mine used Atticus Family Law for his divorce and custody battle with very complex circumstances. Mr. Ludt always was prepared and it was very evident he knew the file very well through the whole process-he initially represented my family member in MN with a high degree of expertise and continued that degree of professionalism and knowledge when the case was transferred to WI. Mr. Ludt was zealous in is fight for custody and was very knowledgable. He paid attention to our short-term and long-term goals and was mindful of them every step of the way. He was always prompt to respond to our questions and would often provide us with a status update just so we knew what was being done on the case without ever needing to inquire. Working in the legal industry, I have seen many different types of attorneys and their approaches to their cases. Mr. Ludt and his team are as diligent and detail oriented as can be. We have since referred several other friends and clients to Atticus Family Law and will continue to do so. I highly recommend Matt Ludt and his team for anyone in need of a family law or divorce attorney.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Vinny Holter

Extremely helpful and understand.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
ronnie campos

Very bad experience, he shows up for meetings or a hearing and is clueless about what's going on with the case. On the other hand he charge fees for services you have not asked for or being consulted about. I have never had any bad experience like this with anyone else before.. I have always given positive reviews but this time unfortunately I can't do that. I cannot talk about anyone else but in my case he was just after every penny he could get out of my pocket. Sad! I ended up firing him..
Review Left On 09/03/2019
Chaz Williams

Best service in the Twin City area!
Review Left On 09/03/2019
Morgan Freiberg

110% Recommend Matt and his team! They were all so great to work with and easy to get a hold of. Each one responded quickly and answered all my questions. Thank you for all your hard work Matt, Sandy, and Missy!
Review Left On 05/03/2019
David Rasmussen

I worked with Matt to help me with my very difficult ex-wife and child custody situation. I had talked with many attorneys before him over the years and he gave me great advice, worked diligently with me to make the most of my situation, really supported me and for the situation I was dealing with at that time it went 100% in my favor, which I know isn't always the case. I wish I'd met him before I got divorced, it was surprisingly difficult to find a great attorney who actually cared about what I was going through. Highly recommended!
Review Left On 04/03/2019
Tamara Haupt

Matt really cares about your family, and about justice being served. I appreciate the care and time he took with my case, and would highly recommend Atticus Family Law to anyone seeking help with a family law case. I have already sent two of my friends his way, and will continue to do so.
Review Left On 04/03/2019

Matt Ludt is ethical and a true professional. As such, the moral authority translates in a very real way. Even tempered, articulate, warm and a deep thinker. I felt like I was talking to a friend. He is the right choice for taking a firm stance on behalf of his client, yet retaining an atmosphere that allows for collaboration when the time comes.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
judi reeves

Matt, Jennifer, and Missy of Atticus Family Law work with people the way lawyers should. They kept us informed every step of the way, asking us questions about how we wanted to proceed with certain things and took alot of time to answer ALL our questions. Our grandchild's life depended on a positive outcome and that's exactly what happened. He is happy and healthy thanks to the people at Atticus.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
A Majumdar

Worked with me for over 3 years. Matt is awesome!
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Michelle Cain

Having worked with Matt on a couple of different legal matters I found he was/is a plethora of knowledge. Easy to talk to and listens well.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Andy Fox

Fantastic experience working with Matt and his team. I would highly recommend!
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Jeff H

There are few things in life more devastating than a family in crisis. And nothing more serious than when children's lives are on the line. Atticus worked tirelessly, leaving no stone unturned to win our case and save our family. When it was all on the line we put our trust in Matt Ludt. Thank you to Matt and his team for caring so deeply.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Ken Langeslay

I have worked with the Atticus Law Firm and more specifically Matt for a number of years on a variety of legal matters, they have always been 100% professional and thorough answering all of my questions. Matt has always been quick to respond to my emails and my concerns and even recommended a great colleague from another state when I needed legal help from that location as well. I would highly recommend Matt and his team and will continue to utilize him if the need should arise again. Thank-you Matt for all of your help
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Joe Morchinek

I got more accomplished in the 10 minutes I MYSELF met with my ex's attoney than they got done in nearly two years. Not sure what I payed for, apparently I must have paid for the run around because thats all I got.

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