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Attorney Joseph L. Kelly

Bankruptcy attorney in Burnsville, MN
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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Mike Mann

Joe is an easy going guy who makes the process understandable and straightforward. He is extremely helpful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure you have a smooth experience.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Berit Mann

If you are looking for an attorney for a bankruptcy, please use Mr. Kelly. He will do an excellent job and goes above and beyond for his clients.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Andy Sprow

Let me start off by saying im not a fan of courts and lawyers and all that jazz, nor happy with the fact that we filed bankruptcy, but Joe Kelly made us feel comfortable and helped us along every step of the way! I could not believe the ease of it all even despite a couple road blocks we encountered along the way. Joe handled everything very professionally and quickly. Very knowledgeable and he is able to explain things in a "non lawyer" way so that we could understand everything. Highly recommend him if you're going through this hard time in your life!!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Margaret Olssen

Joseph Kelly is great at what he does! I had to file for bankruptcy and he handled the case beautifully. He prepared me for all the questions I would be asked, made sure I understood everything and made me feel calm about the process. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is seeking a quality attorney who will make the process go smoothly!!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Stephen Robbins

I would like to take a moment of your time to tel you about an incredible attorney named Joseph L. Jelly, JD, MBA. I went to him needing his services as I was needing an attorney for bankruptcy. I wasn’t proud of having to seek bankruptcy as an end to a seventeen year struggle with unending challenges due to debt from medical bills and credit cards for bettering my health and a way to make ends meet. Within my first consultation, Joe sat me down and explained all of my options and the best paths for me to take. I fully trusted in him the whole way through the process. Not only is Joe Kelly intelligent and knows his trade with the legal system and laws, he is also a very down to earth human who knows that we all struggle from time to time. Through the whole process, he made me feel comfortable in confiding in him with all my financial issues. He never pressured me to do one way or another but only offered options and helped me figure out what may very well be the best path for me to take. I am very happy that I trusted him and heeded his advice. Today, I had my hearing in front of the Trusty with the court and it went so smoothly. I saw many different attorneys and cases before I was brought before the Trusty to be asked all the questions. It occurred to me that not every attorney, even one expensive acting attorney that had two offices working over a phone with a client at their hearing, was as well prepared as Joeselh L. Kelly, JD, MBA had made us. As both Joe and myself sat down at the table, I was well aware of how Joe he all of his paperwork and my case together as well as with my preparation with my own folder of paperwork that he walked me through. I am so very grateful to have felt led to seek out consultation with Joe in the beginning. I also went through a google search to find him. You will not be disappointed but very well impressed by Joeseph L. Kelly, JD, MBA’s professionalism, education, and hospitality during the whole process. I am very impressed with Joe and everything he did for me with my case. If I ever see him out and about in public, I will make sure to go out of my way to walk up to him and shake his hand with the warmest smile possible. Joe is that kind of guy that you want to know, selfless, and kind in every way. More so, he has been an outstanding attorney and I dare say how lucky I am to have found Joe to work my case for me. Thank you so much Joe!!! You have made a huge difference and have helped me to have a solid chance again with my financial future!!! Thank you!!!
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Gerry Whatton

Very Professional, Knowledgeable And Courteous!!!!!! Joe is very organized and goes out of his way to make sure you understand everything!!!!!! We were very lucky Joe was recommended to us.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
K Montour

Joe Kelly handled my recent Chapter 7 filing with great care. He made a very unfortunate situation bearable. Very professional and was available to answer questions and handled all issues that came up quickly. Would highly recommend.
Review Left On 01/01/2020
felicia neves

He was extremely professional, yet made my experience very easy going and not stressful at all. He helped to ease all of my tensions, answer all of my questions, and made it an overall very stress free and good experience. Thank you so much for all of your help!
Review Left On 12/01/2019
Jaclynn Horstmann

Was Super Fast An Got It Done!
Review Left On 12/01/2019
MN Angler

Joe is very honest and helpful figure out your current situation before filing case. I can see why he been doing this for 22+ years. Highly recommend his service!
Review Left On 12/01/2019
Nancy B

Great attorney. The best in the business for bankruptcy after meeting with 2 different attorneys. Words can not express enough how grateful I am to Joe Kelly. He is so knowledgeable and makes you feel like the whole process is a piece of cake. Me and my husband were so scared and didn’t know anything about the process. He answered all of our questions and he was always there when I had questions. He always told us “ call me anytime if you have any questions, never go to sleep worried”
Review Left On 10/01/2019

Military Veteran here. Joe and the Haven act for Veterans really came through for my wife and I. Bankruptcy isn't fun and Joe sticks to the facts. Only what's needed to build your case, get your documents in order and meet in court. 10 minutes in and out of court. Done deal. Now life can restart. Thanks Joe!
Review Left On 09/01/2019
Sylvia Menjivar

If you are in this situation, Joe is the guy to go! He handled everything professionally, answered every question I had, and made to whole process easier for me. He makes sure that you are doing the right thing, explains everything so you understand and is there to help every step of the way.
Review Left On 08/01/2019
Luz Lemus de Dominguez

Thank you very much Joe Kelly for making the prosess of the bankruptcy easier and not so stressful. Thanks to your professionalism!
I’m very happy and satisfied with your services. I give you five stars!
Thank you very much!!
Review Left On 06/01/2019
Malivahn Brunnette

I’m very thankful that I chose Joe to help me with my bankruptcy. Everything ran smoothly, and I was more than prepared for my hearing. I would highly recommend!
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Katie Koukal

Joe is a wonderful bankruptcy attorney! He was so helpful and sensitive to my situation. He made the whole filing process effortless. I knew immediately after the consultation that he would be a great representative for my case. He is honest and trustworthy and I am forever grateful for all of his help. Thank you Joe!
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Maurice Wilson

He is the best
Review Left On 03/01/2017
John McDonald

Joe is the perfect person have in your court when something as terrible as this occurs. His honesty and integrity is without question. His fees are very reasonable, and he always returns your calls. We could not have asked for better representation.
Review Left On 03/01/2016
David Kelly

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse attorney Joseph L. Kelly. I am a bankruptcy lawyer myself. On average I consult with him about some bankruptcy-related legal issue once a week, often more frequently than that. I find that he will either know the answer or have a very thoughtful and helpful opinion on the question. I am not the only one. Several other bankruptcy lawyers in our local Minnesota community consider him to be one of the go-to people when a consultation or another opinion is needed.

Joe has always been a lawyer who has practiced bankruptcy law exclusively. His capacity for getting things done has never ceased to amaze me. The number of cases he files is very high for a solo practitioner. That high volume of cases means that more likely than not, whatever the issue or problem is, he has run into it before. When there is something I would rather not take on, I will often refer the case to him.

Are Joe and I relatives? Well, yes we are. We are both descended from some folks who, just a few generations back, survived winters in sod huts in western Minnesota and managed to scratch a living from the earth. These were true Minnesota pioneers, of whom it was said “the cowards never started and the weak died along the way.” I like to believe we both have inherited some of that same spirit.

Daivd J. Kelly, Esq.
Review Left On 03/01/2016
Michelle A.

Joe Kelly went above and beyond to help me with my bankruptcy when I needed it most. I called Joe when I needed advice because the attorney I contracted with misled me to believe I could keep my annuity and continued making errors throughout the filing of my bankruptcy. Joe took the time to help me understand all the facts and various options available to me, easing my anxiety during this difficult time. To my surprise, two weeks later when I was feeling more lost than ever, I received a follow up call from Joe to see how I was doing. His kindness and genuine concern for my situation was like an angel being sent from above. He spent more time with me over the phone offering his advice with the unique bankruptcy situation I was in. Joe Kelly's knowledge and expertise is invaluable! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering or plans to file bankruptcy!!

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