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Ltd., & Keithahn, Jensen, Sperry, Thomton
Ltd., & Keithahn, Jensen, Sperry, Thomton Reviews

Review: I believe they are the best law firm around the area. Great people to work with and level headed. Read More

Gary C. Dahle - Attorney at Law
Gary C. Dahle - Attorney at Law Reviews

Review: Called the attorney to try and see what rights we have and basically was blown off. It was clear he had no intention with helping us. I would not recommend even calling this guy. He was pretty rude. Read More

Berman Law Services - Business & Real Estate Attorney
Berman Law Services - Business & Real Estate Attorney Reviews

Review: Evan was instrumental in helping me navigate several legal aspects of my small, seasonal business. When I was buying out my business partner and dissolving the partnership, I greatly appreciated Evan’s advice to help me wade through the process. He listened and walked me through the steps in a way I could understand and gave me confidence in my decision making. It quickly became clear that he had my best interests in mind. More recently I have utilized Evan’s help in understanding small business... Read More

PLC, Ekstrand Finnegan Law Office
PLC, Ekstrand Finnegan Law Office Reviews

Review: Ekstrand has been my lawyer for years with 100% success on my court needs. Highly recommended Read More

Wilcox Law Office
Wilcox Law Office Reviews

Review: Filled out a will, 2 months ago. Still waiting. Never answers the phone, or returns messages. Finally got ahold of him and he says he lost our paperwork. He would look into it and get back with me. That was 3 weeks ago, still no word from him. Scary to think about where all my personal information went??? Read More

Attorney, Scott A. Jackman
Attorney, Scott A. Jackman Reviews

Review: My husband & I had the opportunity to meet with Ashley to discuss our need for a will and the process necessary to accomplish this. Ashley took her time to explain the difference between all of the options available. She answered all of our questions, no matter how trivial they may have been or how many times we asked the same question. She made sure that we were comfortable with the explanations and the processes. We will be using Ashley's services to complete our will and other documents to be... Read More

Attorney Michael J. Palid
Attorney Michael J. Palid Reviews

Review: Be careful. Wants you to keep coming in so he can charge you. He also takes his time so he can charge you more vs being efficient with your time and money. Asks for things that are not needed. You have to watch and educate yourself on approach so you are not taken advantage of in the process. Did not feel he had my families best interest yet he was working on our behalf. Very disappointed. Read More

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