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Bradford Law Office
Bradford Law Office Reviews

Review: Came in for questions on my mom's will very knowledgeable Read More

Mac Kenzie & Gustafson Ltd
Mac Kenzie & Gustafson Ltd Reviews

Review: If you are ever waiting for one of there prosecuting attorneys to call a victim back. That would be in the best interest of that person. Forget it. I have been waiting for a simple callback for who knows how long. I am gonna lose my house, and I a needed was a five minute phone call. Read More

P.A., Bennerotte & Associates
P.A., Bennerotte & Associates Reviews

Review: Very personable, caring, and knowledgeable. They care about the individual, not just the case. Read More

The Trucking Lawyers
The Trucking Lawyers Reviews

Review: I've had the pleasure of working on a trucking case with Pete Kestner. He is an outstanding lawyer and an excellent person. He and his partner, Greg McEwen, do amazing work for their clients. Read More

Ltd., Bosch Law Firm
Ltd., Bosch Law Firm Reviews

Review: Everyone here - From reception staff up to Mr. Bosch himself- will talk to you like a fellow human being & not just a potential case fee to collect.

In my experience so far, the advice given is always honest & always given from the perspective of what's best for you - Whereas other firms I contacted would try to steer me towards actions to get the firm the best fee.

Bosch Law Firm puts people first & I'll always be thankful for that. Read More

Meshbesher & Spence
Meshbesher & Spence Reviews

Review: Call the spoke with someone here want to just leave my number and talk to a lawyer about me being hurt on a job been a temp helping someone move fell off the truck and cracked my ribs and the company want me to sue the contractor that they have she said that they will not help me because I won't go against him still looking for a good lawyer guess I won't get this one really I give them no stars either and I live around the corner now Read More

TSR Injury Law
TSR Injury Law Reviews

Review: Checked out their website late in the evening and was given a call first thing next morning. I am very pleased at the attentiveness and willingness to help. Steve is very nice and I look forward to working more with you in the future. Read More

Johnston Martineau
Johnston Martineau Reviews

Review: I highly recommend Johnston Martineau!!!! Read More

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