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Review Left On 03/02/2020
Annie Tusha

My life changed dramatically in an instant when my body malfunctioned. I underwent 3 major exploratory intestinal surgeries in a period of 14 months. Prior to the first surgery, I had made a cross country move to return to my home state. I began a new position with the Federal Government. I purchased a home. Major life stresses in less than 6 months. I haven’t been able to work since my 2nd surgery and it’s looking like another surgery may be in my near future. As I was completing the magnitude of Federal Disability Retirement paperwork, I did a google search to look for attorneys that could represent me in getting Social Security Disability. I found Midwest Disability. I read the positive reviews of clients. I made the call and as I talked with the representative, I felt myself relax and silent tears began falling. As a single woman, the fight to be awarded disability was stressful and overwhelming, to say the least. The stress made my physical condition worse and weighed greatly on my mental health. Now I was speaking with a person that, after giving her some info over the phone and completing the paperwork that came in the mail, Midwest Disability did the rest. My case worker was always there to answer my questions throughout the process. I was awarded Social Security Disability in less than six months. Social Security paid Midwest Disability out of my back payment. It was the best decision I made to get Midwest Disability on my side. They did more than win my case for me, they gave me peace in knowing I wasn’t alone in the process.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
donna jo roberts

Terrific team. Stayed on top of everything. Quick response back. I would highly recommend you use them
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Vaughn Fearing

You don't get disability any faster than if you did it on your own and now I'm going to be homeless because I have no income thanks Midwest disability !!!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Erin Anderson

Definitely 5 stars ALL THE WAY!! I'd never done this before and I'm SO GRATEFUL to Midwest Disability my case was denied then approved after my appeal they don't get paid unless you win I felt like they were on my side and were working for me since day one
Review Left On 03/02/2020
maxine harrington

This firm is very good and patient and they fight for you and get the job done and they will get you the benefits that you deserve! And you don't even have to leave your home because they do all of the work for you!!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Nicole Cusac

Grateful for all the work lawyers at Midwest Disability did for me.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Debra Shannon

I think that I did the right thing to get ahold of them. They are very friendly and they helped me get my Disability to go through, and I can't thank them enough!! I will definitely recommend them to friends and family. Thank You again for all you did on my behalf, Sincerely Debra Shannon.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
James Nesvold

Great experience. Communication was clear and easy, and they got me approved. It was well done.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Paul Crawford

Every one was helpful, answered all of my questions, and took care of any problems that came up. A very good firm.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
scott calcote

They worked hard and fast at getting things done for my disability it was greatly appreciated and did a great job I would highly recommend them thank you for doing such a great job
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Archangel one

"Amazing people"!!! Worked Hand in Hand with me and Gave me a Voice to help secure my Case /claim!!!!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Robin Lawyer

I applied for disability in April 2019. I used Midwest Disability from the start. After the required appointments, and waiting period my case was approved!
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Cameron James

They were very CUSTOMER Friendly and RESPECTFUL and understanding. It was pleasure to work with them..

Cameron James,
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Mark Robinson

Great job helping me ....thank u
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Sandra Provenzano

They were pleasent and always helpful.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Elizabeth Erickson

I am very satisfied with the professionalism your company showed. They could've been a little better on returning calls. But other than that I was satisfied.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Dionna Johnsoncore

Very nice people
Review Left On 02/27/2020
Berit Mann

My husband and I had a wonderful experience with the attorneys and case managers. They are very organized and did everything, meaning we could relax and know they had it handled. If you are looking for a disability attorney, please, please choose to work with them! You'll be very glad you did.
Review Left On 02/17/2020
Kevin McLemore

They abandoned me
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Brenda Johnson

Very helpful and informative
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Catherine Grant

Once we got started, I did all the leg work. I feel that all they did was put their name on it. And sat back and collected the money that they did not deserve. I will not recommend Midwest Disability to anyone.
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Robin Hoke

I wasn't sure if I had a case. I was lost as to what to do. I saw an ad for Midwesr Disability and called. They walked me through a questionnaire to decide if I possibly qualified. From that was the beginning of my disability journey. They were with me every step of the way. Answered every question thoroughly and explained things so I never felt lost or confused. It took some time but I never worried and in the end they got me my disability. Now I can move forward knowing I will always be okay. I highly recommend Midwest Disability.
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Chester Davis

Great Law Firm! They work my case swiftly and Professionally!
Review Left On 02/10/2020
jacqueline Paul

They are okay with answering the phones. I have to leave several messages before the Lawyer would call me back I think they are to high when you only see them at You hearing
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Paul Rolf

Very helpful in helping me ! Very much appreciated!! Well done!
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Mike Carlson

They do care and fare prices.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Kurt Rooney

I've helped numerous clients apply for social security through midwest. They are thorough and very courteous. I'd recommend them to anyone going for social security.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Sandee Olson

Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable there.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
J Hirst

Horrible experience. I was advised twice I was denied disability only to find out it was not true.
They did not review documents before sending them in to SS causing my case harm.
Right hand doesn't know what the left is doing.
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Maria Voll

Im glad i went with mid west because they always answered all and any of my questions made it so easy for me to file for dissiabilty caue i hhad no idea how to file i would use this firm again.aand reccomend it strongly..thanks mid west
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Peggy Haskin

The best I would refer them to anyone. Friendly staff and answer any questions you may have
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Jacqueline Walton

I was very pleased at how my lawyer represented me in my court appearance he was ready to answer all questions that was ask things I didn't know he knew about .He did his work and I would like to thank Midwest for a job well done
Review Left On 01/02/2020
Cathy Perry

They did a great job. They provided everything that was needed so i got approved the first time for social security disability
Review Left On 12/02/2019
karla eastman

They help me get my disability.they where very helpful and I got fast results and I'm very happy
Review Left On 12/02/2019
S. Anderson

They were with me every step of the way. I had questions and they were answered within 24 hours. 2.5 years working on my case. I won my appeal, I would have won without them. Thank you!!!
Review Left On 12/02/2019
john wotta

Midwest disability did a very good job on my claim happened much quicker than either one of us expected and I am nothing but happy
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Azeller Smith

Love u guys for your help Thanks v
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Les Ogle

Everyone was totally helpful and everything worked out well.
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Lynnetta Goodwin

Excellent service. Keep in contact with you about everything. Very sweet and professional. Definitely recommend Midwest Disability.
Review Left On 12/02/2019
Keith Lamal

Google I want to review Midwest Disabilities
Review Left On 11/02/2019
Violet Mason

They wouldn't to an update with me. Only wanted medical updates mailed in. When hearing date arrived I had a 10 minute counsel with the attorney. I was totally new at this. I lost my case; and I was dropped before I could even appeal. I guess my case wasn't worth it to Midwest Disability. I pointed out discrepancies in the courts decision and Midwest Disability totally ignored me and informed Social Security they no longer represented me.
Review Left On 11/02/2019
Amy Chapman

Kali is an awesome lawyer
Review Left On 11/02/2019
Dwayne Lee

Very professional
Review Left On 10/02/2019
Lisa Jenson

Best Disability Law Firm hands down!

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