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Review Left On 02/28/2020
Corey Winkelman

Having the opportunity to work with A.L. has been great. Very happy that i was able to be introduced to him. Very professional and kind in conducting business.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Theo Nicole Lorenz

Mr. Brown was the public defender for my friend, a homeless teen falsely accused of a felony. He believed her, unlike the police, and got the jury to really look at the evidence, also unlike the police. He was 100% in her corner. When the case went to trial, he brought a strong sense of fairness to the courtroom and was candid and practical with us. This case could have gone so badly with a lawyer who didn't care. Instead, we got a Not Guilty verdict, and Mr. Brown got a big old hug from me. I probably got tears on his shirt. Sorry about that, sir. Thank you.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Conscious Gamer

They helped get me in a better situation based off of the position I came to the table with and I couldn’t of imagined it playing out any other with Marcus and Mr. Brown backing me.
Review Left On 02/14/2020
michael griffin

A l brown.great attorney he does great work.we used him in the past.
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Sina B.

I needed a lawyer for my son and a friend recommended Marcus. Under his guidance, we got beyond the best possible outcome for our situation! He was affordable, accessible and in constant communication with us. I highly recommend Capitol City Law Group if you ever need a lawyer.
Review Left On 08/28/2019
Ulyssia Burris

A.L. Brown, Marcus Almon and the Capitol City Law Group are experienced lawyers who are knowledgeable and provide an excellent service to their clients. They are honest, consistent and keep you informed with every detail pertaining to your action. They work hard to produce the best results. I recommend them because of their professionalism and expert opinions of law. If you are looking for a good criminal defense attorney, I highly recommend them!
Review Left On 08/28/2019
Caylin O'Neill

Thank you Capitol City Law Group especially A.L Brown and Marcus they both handled my case with class and professionalism couldn't ask for better Attorney's. They are very knowledgeable and know the law in and out and will fight for you until you win. I highly recommended for your lawyer needs!!
Review Left On 08/28/2019
David Juilfs

Very insightful and competent lawyers. They definitely know their stuff. If your searching for a criminal defense attorney in St Paul this is the firm you want to talk to. Highly recommended!
Review Left On 05/28/2019
Michelle Zajec

A.L. and Josh were awesome to work with! I didn't have a good opinion of attorneys going into this, but these guys definitely changed that! I've recommended them to friends and strangers!
Review Left On 05/28/2019
Loren Underwood

A.L. handled my case with care and diligence at every step. He is as honest and straightforward in conversation, and offered the best advice throughout the process. Also very responsive as far as emails and phone calls. He pushed back on the initial settlement offer from the city and got me what I needed.
He is truly one of the most dedicated yet reasonable attorneys you will find. Thank you!
Review Left On 04/28/2019
jason zimmerman

I called today with a very personal and very upsetting issue that I was told could be handled by a law firm. After contacting 3 firms, I called Capitol and the person answering my call yawned and mumbled something unintelligible. I thought I had dialed the wrong number. When apologizing and saying that I was attempting to contact a law firm, I was told I had. I gave a brief description of what happened to me, and asked to speak to an attorney. I was told I was speaking to an attorney. I was hesitant but decided to continue with the call, started explaining the situation, a minute into my explanation I heard the person i was talking to YAWN. Asked if i should call back. Was told to keep explaining... within the next minute he interrupted me. This was a completely different attitude than I had been received by the first 3 firms I contacted. I'm telling this guy very sensitive information and is the reason I am now pursuing litigation with another firm, and this guy acts like it's an inconvenience?!? He told me to continue, but by this time I could clearly see that the fight in this attorney, who's apparently his own secretary, was gone. He hung up on me. If you're thinking about hiring anyone associated with this Corner Store law firm, I'd highly recommend not too. I reviewed their case success on the Minnesota bar association website, and it's a consistent pattern of bad results and upset clients. Anyone who gave this firm a good review, were offered a gift card. Capitol didn't lose a case for me... only because they never would be allowed to handle a case involving me. On God.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Newell Fisk

Would highly recommend. Marcus and A.L. were elite and got the job done.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Joel Eastlund

Anthony Brown has been my lawyer now for many many years and has always gone above and beyond just his job. Always answers all my questions and helped get better results then I could have hoped for. Mr Brown will always be my lawyer. He is the best.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
John Sherman

I had made a query of Mr. A.L. Brown RE the merits of my case; he thouroughly explained what I could expect; we spoke of both a retainer or contingency service; he helped me through every stage of the process and had helped negotiate a significant settlement. For over 3 decades I have been a technology and regulatory compliance consultant to providers - physicians, hospitals and to major U.S. Healthcare systems and their CXOs and legal stakeholders. But Mr. Brown in comparison to,my work and business relationships with these talented colleagues, he is the "Best of the Best" for legal support services. And, I am proud to be able to call him a friend and confidant and I highly recommend him.

John Sherman
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Thea Kamara

I am grateful to God for leading me to Capital City Law Group. Al and Marcus defended me in a very embarrassing situation of my life. They were able to use their expertise to have the case dismissed. How amazing! They are good people, very assuring and willing to talk to you at any time. I trust Capital City Law Group and can recommend them any time and any day.

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