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Review Left On 02/28/2020
Michele Medlin

If I could give Joshua Newville with Madia Law 10 stars I would!
My case started with a late night email of desperation to the firm. To my surprise I awoke to an email response the following morning empathizing with my situation and requesting a time to talk.
When I called Josh, he had already discussed my situation with his colleagues and they were poised to gather the additional necessary information from me as well as provide education about the legal principles that applied to me.
I could not have been more impressed.
Josh explained exactly WHAT he intended to do, and the outcome he hoped could be achieved as well as each scenario in between.
He was forthcoming about how the firm billed, and offered solutions that resulted in no cost to me...have you ever heard of a LAWYER doing that?
Honestly I thought it all sounded too good to be true...but it only kept getting BETTER.
Josh Newville answered emails any time of day and kept me abreast of everything that was going on behind the scenes, he even called me outside of typical business hours.
Josh approached the other party in my case with civility and solutions versus aggression and hostility. I feel confident this influenced the other party’s willingness to listen to his suggestions, ultimately agreeing with Josh’s assessment and working for a mutually agreeable solution.
In the end, Josh managed to change the course of MY future with a simple phone call... he asked for nothing in return and genuinely seemed thrilled for ME with the outcome.
If you need someone to fight for your best interest in a work situation...I can’t imagine that will find ANYONE who will do a better job!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Craig Fleishman

Madia Law far exceeded all our expectations. We retained Ashwin after being sued in Minnesota state courts, and he quickly brought our case (and our mediation) to a close with a resolution that substantially exceeded our expectations (while tracking closely to his guidance about the most likely disposition of our matter). Ashwin was efficient, cost effective, and consistently well-prepared, and is clearly highly respected among his colleagues in the Minnesota bar. (We ran into members of the judiciary and bar who he had cordial relationships with during each of our multiple trips to the courthouse.) I would not hesitate to recommend him unconditionally for any litigation matter.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Joanne Simons

Ashwin Madia and Madia Law have been absolutely exceptional and in such a live-changing, stressful situation, I'm extremely grateful. The contrast with two other firms I initially contacted is striking.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Lady Brown

We have worked with Ashwin for the last 8 years on multiple cases we have had. He is the best and most honest attorney we have ever worked with, he is passionate about what he does. He will listen to your ideas and questions and give his honest opinion on what is best for you and your business. His words will amaze you! Hands down best attorney in Minneapolis!! THANKS MADIA!!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Nick Ibarra

Madia Law LLC has been fantastic. From the first telephone discussion through numerous conversations among three attorneys, the law firm demonstrated professionalism, responsiveness, and sincere interested in my success. Very refreshing to work with individuals, across the organization, that execute their stated goal of satisfaction. A major indicator of their dedication to the client is the continuity of my file details among the attorneys. I could not have been more pleased with the approach, dedication and results of Madia Law LLC. I highly recommend contacting the firm and working with attorney Cody Bates, you will be glad you did.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Priti Patel

Ashwin at Madia Law is an exceptional attorney - smart, tough, direct, honest and compassionate. He was fantastic to work with, is incredibly kind, and provided sound counsel in an emotionally draining case. The firm was professional every step of the way. Ashwin represented us with integrity and fought hard for us. We were beyond happy with him and our outcome. Madia Law remains my go to resource for all legal questions.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Somali Mohamed

Best law firm. lawyers and staff are the best and very helpful.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Alyssa Jones

I am a Criminal Defense Attorney in the Twin Cities. Many times, my clients come to me for advice on excessive force/police brutality. Since this is out of my realm, I always refer them to Madia Law, specifically Cody Blades. I know my clients concerns will be taken seriously and my clients will get the best representation possible with Cody and Madia's staff. Thanks Madia Law. You're #1 on my referral list!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Alyssa Johnson

Cody Blades at Madia Law represented me through an employment issue I was having when I separated from my last company. Cody is a zealous advocate, who kept me informed throughout my case, always returned my calls in a timely manner, and continuously provided me sound advice. Cody is such an asset to the attorney community, practicing with vast knowledge, compassion and understanding. It is because of Cody that I was able to obtain a fair result on this matter and have had no further issues. Thank you Cody, for all you do and all you continuously do. You've earned my trust and I will continue to refer you to my clients, friends and family.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Sandra Camp

Cody was super as well as Ashwin! With their knowledge, support, and encouragement I was able to stay strong. I really needed that especially with such sensitive issues. They both are very professional but at same time down to earth. I highly recommend this law firm.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Cindy Popovich

I highly recommend Media Law firm, in particular Codie Blades. She is a extremely experienced and knowledgable attorney and a strong advocate for her client. Throughout the entire process she was adept at gathering knowledge from all parties involved, knowing her clients legal rights and advocating for them every step of the way. She had a knack for knowing the stresses involved to her client and was highly responsive to them. She was very compassionate and understanding of the emotions I was going through and gave me the time and support I needed to process them. It was such a relieve to be finally done with the entire case and the emotional roller coaster ride I had been on. I was able to walk a way with a smile on my face. THANK YOU CODIE!

If you have a need for exceptional legal representation in the area of fair labor law, look no further, Codie Blades at Media Law will do a wonderful job for you.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Kevin K

If you’re reading this....It’s awful that you are in a position right now where you are online searching for an attorney. Your likely angry, hurt, frustrated, and probably even embarrassed you have to go down this path.

I was in this very same position short while ago. I remember how sad and disgusted I was that I had to go out defend myself....legally. I searched online as you are perhaps doing now, read some reviews and settled on an attorney after doing some research. I ‘hoped’ that I had made an educated decision.

I absolutely did.

I’ll never forget how blown away I was after my first meeting with J. Ashwin Madia. This man is an absolute beast. I feel that I’ve always had a good knack of getting a sense of someone’s character, and I knew instantly that I was fortunate to have this man represent me.

Ashwin made me feel at ease immediately. He made it clear he was going to fight hard for the best possible outcome for my family and I. Throughout the process, there wasn’t a time where I felt like I was out in the dark. I was always informed and up to speed with what was going on with the case. He also was able to keep me grounded and calm in such a highly stressful situation. Many times my former employer tried to make it as difficult as possible, and he was skilled on keeping me focused on why I started this endeavor. Most importantly, Ashwin allowed me to be in control of the situation at all times. He would offer his counsel, but ultimately every decision that was made was mine.

What I remember most about my experience with his Firm is the preparedness. At no time throughout the entire process did I feel unprepared for all possible outcomes. Ashwin’s knowledge is exemplary. Mr. Madia would give it to you straight at all times. Good and bad. And because of that, were never any curveballs. This is so important when immersed in such a challenging and emotion filled situation. He was always one step ahead. I can’t tell you how comforting this was for me. Opposing counsel just wasn’t going to outwork this Gent or catch him off guard! Not happening.

His Staff: Simply amazing. Calls and questions are always answered or returned immediately. It was like calling friends toward the end of the case. Emails were followed up immediately. Ms. Ion, whom I would adopt if I could, is without question the most pleasant, organized, kind and thoughtful person I have ever interacted with an any sort service position. Ever. EVER. She is now stuck with random calls from me forever just to say hello and thank her again for her kindnesses.

There was part of me that wanted to experience this exceptional lawyer at his craft at trial, however with Ashwin’s guidance, trial was avoided and we were able to reach an exceptional settlement.

Though I would never want to wish anyone to have go to through the process of hiring an attorney to protect their civil rights, if you have found yourself in that situation I highly recommend Mr. Madia and his Firm.

I’m hopeful that I’ll somehow have the opportunity to serve Ashwin and his team the same way that they served me. They are now a part of my Family. I am eternally grateful.

No need to search any longer. You’ve found the right lawyer.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Eric Castile

When I almost gave up hope for my case, Ashwin saved it and brought to victory! This was over 10 years ago I am so very grateful to Madia Law for representing me during a time when I didn't know where to turn. Madia Law reached a settlement for me that was great and I was pleasantly surprised. Very detailed oriented and truly professional. Not only is Ashwin a superb and knowledgeable attorney, he is also a great person and I consider a friend. Madia Law is the best and I Highly recommend their services. He Will Fight For You!!!!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Tim Bornholdt

I am a huge fan of Madia Law and their approach to handling legal matters. Cody and Ashwin are both hard-working, no-nonsense attorneys who will not only make sure you are well protected, but will also make you feel like your concerns are appropriately addressed. If you are looking for a legal team who will have your back, look no further than Madia Law.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Sam Simones

Cody was great!! Personable, fun to talk to (despite what we were talking about...), quick to turn off the meter while we chatted personally (super important thing for me!!). Gave good advice, led me in the right direction. I felt in control the whole time. Would use her again. Her prices have got to be going up soon with as good as she is.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Jeremy Engholm

Everyone at madia law was awesome, they did a great job and worked very hard. They were very thorough and I always felt like They were fighting for me. Would recommend to anyone.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Patrick J

Ashwin Madia, Cody Blades, and Sarah are a great team that works diligently to deliver the information, options, and outcomes you need as a client. They are great to work with and keep you at the center of decision-making on your case by providing the information that allows you to make informed decisions. They treat you with dignity and help deliver outcomes that allow clients to regain their dignity. I would not hesitate to engage Madia Law and thank Cody for all her great work and insights.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
unicorn vlogs

Nice and patient professionals. They better than many law firms
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Chelsea Bates

Madia Law was amazing to work with and made me feel like we were on a team. They took my case right away and shortly after our case had been settled!

I worked with Zane and he was awesome. Always on the ball, never left me hanging, answered any and every question I had, and most importantly made me feel secure as my attorney and that he had my back.

Hands down recommend if you’re ever looking for an attorney for employment discrimination. I would give more than 5 stars if I could.

And a shoutout to Sara! Their lead legal assistant. Such a sweet girl, also always on the ball and bright personality! Your smile lights up the room!

Thanks again everyone at Madia Law!
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Carl Monroe

I highly recommend Madia Law to anyone who is or has had any employment termination wrongdoings. Joshua Newville was very quick to get the process started and was frank with me and my former employer. He always listened to me and was able get a hold of me no matter what it took and update me on the whole process. Sara Ion would also communicate with me and update me or when I called she always took the time to listen and give Josh my message. I am very impressed with their expertise. Great Law-firm and I have no bad things to say about them. Thank you Madia Law
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Kayla Saby

I had nothing but great experience with Madia Law. My case was assigned to one of their lawyers in a timely manner. Cody Blades was on top of it and kept me up to date with any updates on my case. I would highly recommend Madia Law and Cody Blades.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Gary Grissom

Cody Blades represented me in a wrongful termination suit. Cody was very professional and aggressive, ultimately reaching an excellent settlement.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Emily Nyakundi

We had a tough case but they fought it through.l can recommend Madia Law LLC anytime.Very patient and detailed to the point.
Review Left On 02/28/2020
Hassan Yussuf

I am so grateful to Madia Law. They are there to fight for everyone's right no matter what time is might take. Cody Blades has been amazing. She is so helpful, patient and communicates well with clients so well. Josh and Sara are also amazing people. I Enjoyed working with them. Keep up the good job guys.
Review Left On 01/31/2020
Robert Roswick

Madia Law delivers!

Competence, I demand competence. Ashwin and Zane digested all the elements of my case, a complex case with a plethora of moving parts yet distilled it down to its essence. Ashwin offered me several options yet, in the end, did what was in MY best interest – a trial. First and most importantly, he dispatched an entangled judge then he learned what was important to the folks in my region.

Tenacity, I want tenacity. We prepared for trial, not by a simple rehash of events but a thorough preparation for all possible scenarios. By the time of trial … Ashwin made us all Marines.

Passion, I like passion. At trial, Ashwin was unflappable and calmly impeached witness after witness. Ashwin had to convince twelve jurors while the defense only needed to convince one. He spoke to the jury. He connected with the jury. He alone treated the jury as a group of his peers. Ashwin and Zane proved indignation and arrogance were not a defense and it was done.

Teamwork? I like teamwork. Josh keeps score while Zane serves it up and Ashwin hits ‘em out of the park. Perpetrators deny in perpetuity so my advice is: Don't be a victim, stand strong, keep your nose clean and give Sara a call at Madia Law.
Review Left On 12/28/2019
Harvey Freemont

They are helpful
Review Left On 11/28/2019
Michelle Rice

I called Madia Law, not even sure if I had a case. Ashwin was patient and kind and he answered all of my questions. I have had a great experience and couldn't be happier with my outcome.
Should you ever need a law firm, call Ashwin and Sam at Madia Law, you will not be disappointed!
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Sakira White

Called in inquiring about basic information. Claudia was ABSOLUTELY RUDE, sarcastic, and unprofessional. First impression of this law firm was horrendous.
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Authentic Me

You can trust Ashwin Madia will get you the maximum amount for your case. You can expect excellent service from Madia Law LLC
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Jeremy Berndt

Very dismissive
Review Left On 10/28/2019
M. Doan

Attorney Zane Umstead recently represented my family's interest in a difficult legal situation. He was quite effective and direct in dealing with the opposing party; yet to us he was very kind, thoughtful and courteous. He even generously offered to waive his entire legal fee after spending a generous amount of his time working hard on the case, if we elected not to bring the conflict to a conclusion. His integrity is exemplary and he makes his profession respectable. We highly recommend Attorney Umstead with great enthusiasm.
Review Left On 10/28/2019
Neeko Lundstrom

They didn't know the case. Took 2 yrs to figure out there was no case. Disappointing.
Review Left On 09/28/2019
Orlando Samuels Real Estate Group

Madia Law LLC is a great law firm. They take cases to trial and win. They are very bright attorneys that work in your best interest.

My experience with Madia Law LLC was fantastic, they took my case and we won it. Plus, they treat their clients like family and do exactly what was agreed upon.

I highly recommend Madia Law LLC to all my friends, family, loved ones and strangers.
Review Left On 07/28/2019
Brittney Smith

The best lawyer, staff and law firm all around!!! Ashwin and Sara made my first time experience The Best!!! They were both absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them and if I ever run into another situation I will not hesitate to call Madia Law
Review Left On 05/28/2019
Phillip Weaver

What can I say about madia law, working with Zane and Cody was a privilege, working with ashwin was a honor. This firm shows great appreciation and care too there client's. I wish nothing but succes to all of them. The future of Madia law is bright and prosperous. Thank you agian for believing in me and showing the little guy counts.
Review Left On 05/28/2019
jason zimmerman

Received call saying I couldn't be helped. Asked why and was hung up on. Wrote a review saying what happened and received a call from Madia who apologized, but ultimately didn't help me as he was the best man at my attorneys wedding who I was in the process of firing. Apparently separating from friendship and business isn't his specialty... and I'd prefer to have an attorney who recognizes the conflict that arises out of these situations. Not one who embraces them.
Review Left On 03/28/2019
Dean Norrell

I contacted Madia Law Firm regarding a FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) dispute. I was immediately heard and the firm quickly went to work in discovering my rights and claim. Cody Blades represented my interests from the beginning to end, always thoughtful and respectful to my views and concerns. Her organizational skills, tenacity and professionalism were unequaled. At no time was I wondering where things stood as Cody's communications were transparent and timely. I underscore that Cody was compassionate throughout the process. More than just representation, I felt I had an advocate and for that I am deeply grateful. I thank Madia Law Firm, Cody Blades, Joshua Newville and Sara Ion in their efforts and highly recommend the firm.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
bff plus4

I unreservedly recommend Ashwin Madia to any employee seeking objective legal counsel for their situation. In consulting with Ashwin, he provided very candid responses to my questions - like he would his parent. By the end of our conversation, he advised that he thought my case had merits but he would not take it because he did not think it will be a successful litigation. Despite that, I felt like I had just dialogued with my own brother. Ashwin was kind, professionally solid, and objective.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Matthew U.

I would highly recommend Madia Law LLC as Ashwin and Cody are both very knowledgeable, professional, hardworking, and they were very pleasant and fun to work with. Should I ever require legal expertise in the future, Ashwin and Cody will be the first people I call. If you care about your case, put some effort forth to help build your case, collect what they ask for in a timely manner, and have a little trust and patience, I guarantee you Ashwin and Cody will create an unbeatable strategy.

Lastly, I am very grateful for the results Cody and Ashwin provided and felt like they worked hard for me, and not just to complete their job and earn a check. Thank you both very much!

Review Left On 02/28/2018
adam serfling

Madia law proves that there are still good people out there that will fight for what is right. They were the second firm we contacted, the first declined to take our case. Cody Blades is great at understanding our feelings, and amazing at explaining what to expect as our case went on. Madia Law does not push you into something you are not comfortable with. I highly recommend them if you have been wronged. They will help make you whole again
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Mrs Marketer

With much appreciation I want to thank Josh Newville, J. Ashwin Madia, and Sara Ion for listening and taking action against a large California based company on my behalf. There are simply no words that can validate enough the need to have had them on my side. In my line of work, reputation is everything. Had they not gone to bat for me, the company was free to flush the time and energy I put into their company making it what it is today. Knowing that they are no longer free to speak ill will of me, by law, makes me the most satisfied client. Money isn't everything.. I can make money, but being able to support my family, in my field, peacefully is everything. It's true justice. Thank you Mr. Newville, Mr. Madia, and Ms. Ion for having my back and your high level of professionalism.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Danielle Ailts Campeau

I worked with Madia Law for three years on multiple, complex cases. A challenging and emotional situation was handled with professionalism, tenacity and frequent communication by Mr. Newville. I can't speak highly enough about Mr. Newville's ability to quickly understand complex technical issues and synthesize them into strong arguments. I would not hesitate to contact Madia Law in the future should the need arise!
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Jennifer Peters

I was referred to Ashwin Madia when it became evident that my case was going to jury trial. He is definitely an expert as a trial lawyer. I found him to be very straightforward, no nonsense, a clear communicator, and I was pleased with the outcome he brought at trial. I would recommend him, and I would go to him again to represent me if the need ever arises.
Review Left On 02/28/2018
Michael Lammers

Aswhin is an incredible trial lawyer. When we realized that a claim against our business was definitely going to a jury trial in federal court we switched counsel to Ashwin and his team. At the 11th hour they got spun up on the facts and the law (intellectual property) and delivered an amazing performance against a huge "downtown" law firm. From the beginning of his opening statement it was clear that we made the right choice. I can't recommend Madia Law highly enough.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Marcus Cooper

After being referred to Ashwin Madia I literally wasn't sure what to expect. Many times during this process I felt unsure of myself. I knew I wanted justice but many times in the past I've had to just walk away. This time was different; if you have the opportunity to get Ashwin Madia to represent you, I know you will have the ammunition you need to defeat your opposition to get the justice your seeking.
Many told me what to expect; however he gave me the information I needed on a timely basis, reviewed facts and statements, and used his strategies to make his results much different than what was expected from other attorneys. He never gave up nor backed down. True fighter!
This is a spectacular attorney with the understanding of the rights and feelings of others, with the willingness to protect and stand up for those that may not have a voice. I thank you so much Mr. Madia.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Rachelle Stratton

I was referred to Ashwin Madia by a friend, who is also a lawyer. I was in a unique position, as I had recently been successful at the Appellate Court and was less than 2 months away from my scheduled jury trial. My case involved multiple defendants, which meant there was a significant amount of evidence for an incoming attorney to review. Mr. Madia and his partners dove into my case and prepared for trial in three weeks. Madia Law Firm markets itself as a "trial" driven law firm, and it did not disappoint. Mr. Madia overwhelmed opposing counsel, and after 5 days of trial, the jury ruled in my favor.

My wife, who has been a trial attorney for over 20 years, described Ashwin Madia's trial work as "amazing," and described his closing argument as one of the best she had ever seen. I highly recommend Mr. Madia and his trial team for anyone in need of legal representation. John Stratton
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Souphanny Dean

I have the utmost respect for Ashwin Madia. Ashwin is professional, knowledgeable, sharp, and genuinely humble. Three years of litigating against my employer, I found myself financially and emotionally drained. The law firm that won Summary Judgment for me suggested that I look for a trial attorney that would accept my case on a contingency because they did not. The law firms I called wanted $40K up front, $5K to $10K just to review my case. Being a single mom with two kids, I had no idea where to get that type of money. A couple law firms said my case was too complicated, too many players involved and not enough time to prepare for trial. I was ready to give up. Just five weeks before trial, Ashwin agreed to take on my case. Ashwin did an amazing and spectacular job at trial! We won! I am so thankful there are people like Ashwin in this world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!
Review Left On 02/28/2017
pete gregerson

I would encourage you to spend some time reading Mr. Madia's impressive bio. If that doesn't have you convinced, I will tell you that as someone who spent over 19 years in law enforcement, I have never seen a better trial lawyer than Ashwin. His passion, expertise, ethical commitment, and his incredible memory of the facts, were some of the major reasons I prevailed in my discrimination lawsuit against my employer.. Thanks again!
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Alex Granovsky

I have known Ashwin since law school. Throughout the years, he has proven to be smart, dedicated, creative and driven. I regularly refer clients in Minnesota to Ashwin and will continue to do so. He is a fantastic lawyer.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Annie Hill

Joshua Newville is a brilliant and tenacious attorney. When I met with him, I was close to giving up hope that I would find a solution with my employer, which is a large company with a General Counsel. Josh said he'd take on my case. He then got my employer to agree to mediation, an avenue it had previously refused while it engaged in delaying tactics for years. The fact that Josh brought them to the table was a feat in and of itself. Josh, along with lawyers from Gender Justice, fought to obtain an equitable settlement and to ensure that the issues of wrong-doing were addressed through policy changes within the company. I am incredibly grateful to have had Josh advocate for me. He is skilled, determined, and motivated to get justice for his clients.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Celeste Carlson

Joshua Newville is a bright star to watch. During the handling of our case, he was thorough and highly competent. We were extremely satisfied with the outcome of Josh’s hard work on our behalf. Josh was excellent in communicating information and always promptly responded to correspondence we initiated. Josh had an exceptional grasp of the complexities involved in our case and was current on evolving national rulings/events and resulting implications for our situation. I highly recommend Madia Law.
Review Left On 02/28/2017
Mykenna Cepek

I would highly recommend Madia Law. My experience with attorney Joshua Newville and legal assistant Sara Ion exceeded my expectations! I had a need for employment-related legal experts, and I explored three other firms before an attorney friend recommended Madia Law. My initial consultation with Joshua was superb, and throughout the entire process I felt heard and understood. My one regret was not contacting them sooner, as one important deadline had passed. Despite that, our result was far better -- and quicker -- than any of us expected. Thank you Joshua, Sara and Madia Law!
Review Left On 02/28/2016
Lindsay Kallenbach

Ash is an amazing Lawyer! He gave us great advice but still made sure the decision at the end was ours. He was willing to fight for us and did a wonderful job. I could not be more pleased with the outcome and I recommend him highly to anyone in the need of a lawyer. Ash was so smart and did such a great job of helping us understand the process and make sense of it all. He is not only extremely good at his job but he is also a great person. He lets his guard down and by the end of the process he felt more like a friend who was fighting for what was right! I can not say enough good things about him!
Review Left On 02/28/2015
Judy Johnson

I am proud to recommend Mr. Madia for legal services. It was a very difficult and stressful time for me and Ashwin calmly and professionally collected the information he need to pursue and successfully complete a complex case. Calls and messages were always returned and I never felt I was left hanging or my case wasn’t important. When I was down and in a position I never wanted nor thought I’d be, at the end Ashwin got me to a better place. He did a great job and I cannot thank him enough.

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