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Review Left On 03/03/2020
Inna Suleman

I have worked with Vincent Martin on my citizenship case. This was the second time I went back to him after receiving his services over 10 years ago with the green card. You don’t go back to the same person if something was off the first time. Vincent and everyone in the firm are very knowledgeable and professional. I felt I was treated with respect and privacy which you don’t see a lot these days. If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, talk to Vincent Martin!
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Victoria Le

Thanks to Vincent for helping our cases.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Patrick T Gallagher

Not helpful. Maria was argumentative and was indirectly siding with the prosecution. She presented no benefit in working with her and she often balked at my concerns. No thanks.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Dirk Mc Kenzie

Very experienced people that really know what they are doing.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Ashish Aggarwal

I have consulted Maria, and her firm on my Citizenship application. My application needed some research on an issue. Maria dealt with my application in most professional way. She researched the issue, and made application for citizenship. She was present with me at my citizenship interview. When the issue came up, she provided her professional opinion, and also followed up with a letter. I am so delighted with the outcome. More so, she is a great person, caring and compassionate, qualities which lot of attorneys lack. I would highly recommend her to anyone, including my family and friends.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Chau Le

Maria was professional, trustworthy, and kind when she helped with my brother’s immigration case. She consistently kept in touch and often worked late nights to update us on the steps to take next with quick replies to my email. The case was very stressful for us because we were unsure of the outcome, but Maria helped us win with her expertise and guidance. She took the case seriously and overcame the challenging aspects of the case. After luckless searches for a good lawyer who’d be willing to take our case, I am very grateful for her willingness to accept the case and for her exceptional work in helping my brother and his family stay together in the United States.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Nasrah Nur

I went into this office needing some immigration help for a family member in need. I was informed by the office person that I didn't needed to pay for consultation fees. So I was very thrilled to meet with Maria. It was the worst experience I've ever had. She was very unprofessional and her body language through me off. She was not unhelpful at all and kept giving me a quote (not even explaining briefly what it was for).Either she didn't want to help someone from my background or she was not trained properly. I wouldn't recommend her at all but the front desk lady was kind and pleasant.
Review Left On 03/03/2020
Urias Brooks

Honestly is the moto here. Good place.
Review Left On 01/03/2020
Aldair Herndz

(Translated by Google) I recommend 100%

Recomiendo 100%
Review Left On 12/03/2019
Mohamed Nurein

We all love Minneapolis and blue color billionaire hasha Empire
Review Left On 12/03/2019
Hai Le

Review Left On 11/03/2019
yasin ali

Vincent is amazing lawyer and very talented. He helped my mom to get her citizenship. Vincent is very knowledgeable and always ready to help to you. He is open minded and always looking ways to solve your immigration problem. Law firm is very accessible with phone or email. I will highly recommend him if you are looking for immigration lawyer.
Review Left On 09/03/2019

Vincent is amazing and had helped me in my immigration status. He is through if he needs to be and concise when he needs to be. Martin law has a bunch of talented professionals who have helped many of my friends. Highly recommended.
Review Left On 09/03/2019
Jair Aguilar

(Translated by Google) The best lawyers in the city

Los mejores abogados dela ciudad
Review Left On 08/03/2019
Amelia Nguyen-Phuc

Worst experience here. Had 1st consultant with the young guy. He didn't even asked about my case, but the money. No advise until the contract was sign. it was 5 minutes. I end it up choosing another law firm which explain to me what's going on and what I need to do before I sign the paper.
Review Left On 07/03/2019
Iryna Rybchyn

This is not a typical law firm. Vincent and his team are the best!!! It’s very important to know that there are professionals out there you can trust! At this point they not just my lawyers they are my friends!
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Tom Aaker

I have referred many of my friends and family to Martin Law. They are good at what they do and treat their clients with respect.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Dennis N.

I met with Muchi at the front desk and she extraordinary and helped me out. The lawyer is affordable and proffessional. I am not a robot or fake and juat saying this. Dwi cases especially.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
Advanced Carpet Restoration

Excellent knowledge of the law, particularly when it comes to immigration.
Review Left On 03/03/2018
The Masked Empire

Vincent Martin very professional. Highly recommend
Review Left On 03/03/2017
Hai Mai

Great law firm. Maria handled our case and did a wonderful job. I highly recommend Cundy and Martin for your immigration needs.
Review Left On 03/03/2017
rohith varma sunny

The way received my call I felt really comfortable talking to attorney.
Review Left On 03/03/2016
Juan Cerrato

Cundy & Martin law firm is one of the most respected firms in the state of Minnesota, they have done an excellent job with my case. My initial consultation was well beyond my expectactions, which determined to keep coming back. They trully care about your case, and take matters seriously to make sure the outcome is the result expected based on their remarkable experience. I would highly recommend the Law firm and their team of admirable lawyers.
Review Left On 03/03/2016
ahmed mohamed

"I have been working with the Cindy & Martin, L.L.C Group for a few months now and they have been nothing but professional, knowledgeable, and just awesome. They are always there with me on a regular basis, and replies to my emails within minutes (which I greatly appreciate!). Without them I’m not sure what I would do. I highly recommend

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