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Tiffany Doherty-Schooler Attorney at Law
Tiffany Doherty-Schooler Attorney at Law Reviews

Review: She did an awesome job in court. Read More

Thomas B James Esq
Thomas B James Esq Reviews

Review: Tenacious advocate
* Highly detail oriented
* Excellent command of English language
* Effective communicator
* Well organized
* Tirelessly committed to clients
* Proactive and articulate
With his help, I was able to defend myself from many false crimes. My opponents were the most powerful attorneys, Robins Kaplan LLP. Read More Reviews

Review: Not free legal help Read More

Minnesota Gun Trust Lawyer
Minnesota Gun Trust Lawyer Reviews

Review: I operate a sporting goods store in MN that sells firearms and related accessories, and they have always been able to appropriately guide me through evolving and changing gun laws in MN so I can pass that knowledge onto my customers. Read More

Shakopee Lawyers LLC
Shakopee Lawyers LLC Reviews

Review: This law office is completely absent to the defendant. This office does not follow up or call back anyone trying to help a defendant. The woman answering the phone is useless and extremely rude. Jeff Kennedy is extremely rude and simply does not call back nor does he follow the wishes of the defendant. Read More

First Lawyers Trust Company
First Lawyers Trust Company Reviews

Review: I've had passed frustrations with this company however, I was wrong. Don't hate the player hate the game. They are just following contracts and doing their job. They get back to you in a timely matter and make them selves available. I'd suggest this trust fund over wells Fargo any day. The vice president last minute fought for me getting my emergency health done in the same day. Read More

Minnesota Probate Law Firm - Flanders Law Firm LLC
Minnesota Probate Law Firm - Flanders Law Firm LLC Reviews

Review: Great lawyer. Treats your case with the respect it deserves. Read More

Narins Defense
Narins Defense Reviews

Review: Great attorney. Personable, humble, and direct. She gets the job done Read More

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