Family law attorney

LTD., Blatz Law Office
LTD., Blatz Law Office Reviews

Review: Best legal help in the area family law expert ! Read More

Carrigan Law Office
Carrigan Law Office Reviews

Review: Mark is a smart guy, and more importantly accessible. Read More

P. A, Meinerts Law Office
P. A, Meinerts Law Office Reviews

Review: If you want someone who does not care about you or your end result Merlin is the way to go ! ! ! Read the paperwork really well because he won't and he definitely will not care how you get screwed because of it. He is the definition of every bad lawyer joke.

Ya dude! it was a 4 yr journey because he was enjoying taking all your money. poor fellow Read More

Burns Law Office
Burns Law Office Reviews

Review: John gave me great confidence - his command of the law and professionalism can not be overstated. John successfully defended my case understanding fairness, and my rights under the law, not to mention his superior expertise vs opposing counsel. I can not emphasize the level of character - integrity - and knowledge you have in your corner with Burns Law Office. Read More

LLC, Howard Family Law
LLC, Howard Family Law Reviews

Review: I contacted them to set up a consultation to see if they could help me with my divorce . I was then called back the same day and told that they would not even have a consultation with me because there was a conflict. I asked what the conflict was and they said they couldn’t tell me. I asked if it was because I was a stay at home parent with no income and was told that they couldn’t tell me only that there was a conflict. How is there a conflict before we even have a consultation. They will not ... Read More

LLP, Terzich & Ort
LLP, Terzich & Ort Reviews

Review: Professional and solid legal advice. I have use their services for several years and have always come away with a favorable ruling. Very fair and honest legal advice. Read More

L.L.C., Marvin Law Office
L.L.C., Marvin Law Office Reviews

Review: I sat down with Joe yesterday as I had some questions regarding my divorce which needed clarification. Even though Joe it's not representing me he's still gave me his valuable time in a free consultation which really made me feel much better about my situation after I left his office. I thought he was a very nice gentleman and obviously very well schooled in family law. I will definitely recommend Joe Marvin to anyone I know who is in need a family related litigation services! Read More

Minnesota Lawyers
Minnesota Lawyers Reviews

Review: Do NOT hire! Maury Beaulier talks big to get you to hire him but he won’t do anything for you. Will yell at you if you try to tell him what happened. will not advocate for you. Worst lawyer ever and could care less about you or your case. Don’t waste your money! Makes you sign no refundable agreement and once you pay him, he just wants case done and doesn’t want to put in the work. Read More

PLLC, Johnson Family Law
PLLC, Johnson Family Law Reviews

Review: I don’t know if you know this, but divorce is not fun. But if you do get divorced, I hope you use Johnson Family Law. Jill Johnson, and her staff, are breathtaking. I had a contentious divorce, and three subsequent mediations. I used Jill for all phases of this process. She is thorough, analytical, empathic, and really knows her stuff. She knows when something is just not practical or winnable, and she’s not afraid to tell you. She also knows how to make an unwinnable situation winnable for he... Read More

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