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Beedem Law Disability Lawyers
Beedem Law Disability Lawyers Reviews

Review: I would highly recommend to anyone needing help with disability questions or those who need to fight for there rights to get disability benefits Read More

PLLC, Smith Jadin Johnson
PLLC, Smith Jadin Johnson Reviews

Review: Smith Jadin Johnson, are exceptional lawyers, that I have been so fortunate to work. I have worked with them in assisting the Homeowners Associations I manage, in several ways such as collections, Re-stating Governing Documents, Insurance claims, litigation, and simply guiding the Boards with clear, direction and expectations. Smith Jadin Johnson are fantastic, honest and ethical lawyers and I will continue to recommend to anyone I know needing a lawyer. Its been a joy to work with all. Read More

Bender & Bender
Bender & Bender Reviews

Review: Great law firm Read More

Patrick Arendt LLC
Patrick Arendt LLC Reviews

Review: I hired this amazing guy. He took good care of me and actually cared about me as a person. Yes I got charged but didn’t think he was better than me. Read More

Michael C Meyer Law Office
Michael C Meyer Law Office Reviews

Review: Did a Great job. Very Helpful!! Read More

Corbett Law Office
Corbett Law Office Reviews

Review: Very professional and helpful. Read More

Robert J Miller Law Offices
Robert J Miller Law Offices Reviews

Review: Possibly the worst lawyer I have ever had the displeasure of "working" with. Like the other 1 star reviews I see here, I was referred to him by the legal plan at my work. I was in another state at the time, and like another reviewer, he condescendingly asked if I knew who/where I was calling. I felt like he didn't want to talk really, but I let it slide, as it was through work coverage. When we moved to WI and finally met him, I began to have SERIOUS doubts. His "office" is the front room of a h... Read More

Cisler Timothy A
Cisler Timothy A Reviews

Review: My family has been working with Attorney Cisler for 17 years.

Attorney Cisler is by far the best attorney in Green Bay!

He is very knowledgeable in the areas of his expertise. I never met another attorney who can understand my legal requirements and translate them into legal documents as well as Attorney Cisler.

Attorney Cisler is incredibly easy to communicate with. He is very quick to respond to emails and calls.

My family highly recommends Attorney Cisler. Read More

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