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Social security attorney in Menomonie, WI
Reviews: 8 | Overal Rating: Bad
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Review Left On 03/01/2020
Rieley Foutch

Great guy to have on your side .kept me informed and was always on point
Review Left On 03/01/2020
larry wilder

Very good work he has done for me.Always keeping me up to date on everything. Very knolgable man, nows the laws and the dirty tricks the courts will play. I am very happy with his work and will keep him on a retainer.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Jeffrey Hazuga

Review Left On 03/01/2020
Lisa Luther

Absolutely the worst lawyer I have ever heard of. He doesn't follow through. And never returns phone calls or emails. He acts like he doesn't even know who you are or that he is supposed to be working for you. Misses deadlines also. DO NOT hire this law firm. You will regret it.
Review Left On 03/01/2020
Amy Luther

Won't answer my sister in laws e-mails or phone calls. It's been 16 months to settle my mother-in-laws estate and it's taking a toll on her health. No reason for it and it's still not settled. Ridiculous!! Don't recommend him at all.
Review Left On 02/09/2020
Patrick Devereaux

Do not hire this Attorney!!!

Very talented attorney

Above was my first impressions of Attorney Fairchild two years ago. Very sadly I regret to report he fell so far short of my first impressions. Very regrettably he does NOT communicate well with clients at all!
I regret to say this as well but I would strongly advise anyone especially those of you who like myself have had to file for SSDI to avoid him like the plauge!!!

I did everything asked of me as a client I even came to him with a more than sufficient amount done by the ADRC representative. Mr Fairchild does not work in a timely fashioned at all! He also does not seem to be aware of time lines set fourth by the SSA regarding when medical records are to be submitted prior to a SSDI hearing.

I can't tell you the feeling you get when the day after you where in a hospital for surgery you show up to your hearing to see your legal representation walk in with a stack of papers approximately 400 pages by Mr Fairchilds own admissions.

Then try to get the medical records he has with him submitted angering the ALJ. The ALJ then reminds him of the timeline that he a licensed Attorney would and should know and reminding him it's a disservice to the client to not be prepared. Needless to say I was denied and now I find out he submitted the appeal request late! So now I am even further up the creek than I already was!

Just do yourself a favor and stay away there are much better attornies out there!
Review Left On 01/01/2020
Daniel Goodrich

The lawyer wanted to help my husband's situation but the retainer fee is too steep.
Review Left On 12/01/2019
Barbara Bauer-Chen

Seems knowledgeable, hired almost two months go, no action taken yet

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