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Marsh Halberg

Attorney in Minneapolis, MN
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Review Left On 03/02/2020
L Minnesota

When our worst nightmare came true and our adult child was looking at a felony, Marsh and his team did an amazing job of being available night and day to answer questions and provide legal services needed. It did not matter how big or how small the question, they were happy to answer all of them in a prompt manner. The firm is the best for criminal defense and highly respected by other professionals. It takes a lot of integrity to have an excellent reputation amongst clients and colleagues. We are thankful to have had their expertise for such an unfortunate incident.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Susan Zoidis

Marsh has stood by us as we faced some of the most difficult times in our family. After always asking us a lot of great questions, he gave us clear guidance. I could not recommend Marsh and his incredible colleagues more highly. He does see that justice is served.
Review Left On 03/02/2020
Jake O'Borsky

Mr. Halberg came highly recommended to me and it was the best decision I have made to hire him. He was always there day or night. Made sure I understood everything clearly. If it wasn’t for him my situation would have turned out completely different. I am grateful for his passion, hard work, and the results he gets. I can stress enough how thankful I am to have had him on my side.
Review Left On 02/10/2020
Pinkachoo9000 5807 Fam

Marsh made the criminal justice experience easy to understand. Also, he not only asks the desired outcomes, but wants to understand why you need the outcome. He successfully obtained the desired outcome of a traffic violation incident that will not affect my career opportunities. I recommend him strongly.
Review Left On 12/02/2019

I was introduced to Mr. Halberg by a crime scene investigator whom for decades witnessed, first-hand, Mr. Halberg successfully navigate clients through the complex legal system.

Upon meeting Mr. Marsh Halberg, I immediately knew he would be my defense council. His demeanor and “matter-of-fact” approach are very comforting and his confidence is warranted.

Mr. Halberg responded to every concern/question I had, regardless of weekends/holidays. In a process which has many variables and unknowns, I felt assured throughout the entire process my best of interest was a priority.

As Mr. Halberg and I where exiting the court room, I kid you not, six different attorneys went out of their way to congratulate him on another successful outcome.

This only happens when you are successful and admired.

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