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Bankruptcy attorney in St Paul, MN
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Review Left On 02/29/2020
e515761 Randall

I met with a few Lawyers before meeting with Walker& Walker and it just took talking to them on the phone to know this is the Lawyers I. wanted to help me with what is one of the most stressful situations in life! Amazing caring people in the St. Paul office.
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Anon Ymous

After several years of unfortunate events, I faced the need to abandon my business.
I never imagined needing to research bankruptcy, but beyond grateful for the legal option to coarse-correct. Walker & Walker and specifically Deborah G., was patient and thorough helping me understand the process and outcomes of bankruptcy. If I ever felt worried, uncomfortable or had questions - simply reaching out to Deborah helped answer my concerns and manage the process to a successful conclusion.
Each attorney I spoke with and worked with helped the process feel reasonable and successful. I highly recommend Walker & Walker to anyone who has questions about their life circumstances and the bankruptcy process.
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Joe Brown

Jenny was amazing. Very informative, efficient, kind, and sensitive. Made the process painless and comfortable for me. Walker & Walker did a great job!
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Mall America

They always call you back right away.
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Ladrena Rakowski

After a phone call from walker and walker today as I’m completely overwhelmed I can’t remember whom I spoke with!!! here’s my husbands NEW review!!! All of my bad feelings have been changed . He was so helpful above and beyond THANK YOU SO MUCH Cris Rakowski. I would like to add that I would like to see better communication with myself and my paralegal wether she feels badly or not for her mistakes for not looking closely enough at my situation she caused ALOT of stress in my household and caused my hubby to give them a 1 star review!!! Then I emailed her four days ago with no reply every frustrating to say the less. But after the phone call today!!! Blessed be after talking and explaining things to me and helping us HE is helping to make things better!!

Ladrena and Cris
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Dominicplayzskate3 R

Crooks fail to tell you if you get a tax return they will take 90% of it for instance told had to let them know anything over $2000 we had to let them know We got a little more than $4000 they took $3000 of it like I said CROOKS find someone else to do your bankruptcy!!!!!!!!!
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Erika Lee

Walker and Walker was great to work with through the hard time of a bankruptcy. They were there any time I had a questions and helped in any way they could. I am now 2 years out and needed my discharge information and I called the office and it was emailed to me within minutes. Top notch!
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Felicia Coston

Review Left On 02/29/2020
James SIlver

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Walker & Walker St. Paul office helped me with my chapter 7 bankruptcy. They were very professional, responsive and helpful. Originally when I was looking for a bankruptcy attorney, it was very difficult to find a law firm that would not charge an arm and a leg for their services. Walker & Walker provide great service at a reasonable price. I primarily dealt with Anastasia Kazmina and she took great care in helping me through this whole process. Filing for bankruptcy is a stressful experience but this law firm makes it so much easier. I would highly recommend Walker & Walker Law to anyone who is looking for legal bankruptcy representation.
Review Left On 02/29/2020
Noreen Harris

I would recommend to family n friends for years I been looking for someone to help me ...n that will also move fast with my case I was paying other money for almost two years to help my case when I found out about walk walker I reach out they got me in asap everyone I worked with from the beginning to end was wonderful and Friendly no more then 4 months I was done I got my email n now I am free of Financial issues they move very fast I highly recommended for bankruptcy THANKS WALKER WALKER
Review Left On 02/08/2020
Mark Oldenkamp

The best way to sum it up is: Everything that I was told at my first visit that would happen, happened. It may have been one of the best experiences I’ve had in anything. They not only got rid of my personal debt, but we’re able to get $30,000 in back taxes discharged. And a garnishment is what brought me there. And they told me on my first visit they would not only stop the garnishment , but they would get back the money the collector already took. And sure enough a month or so later I was picking up a check for that said money. Oh yeah. You won’t find cheeped services. It was a life changing experience Thank you for your help Andrew.
Review Left On 02/08/2020
Nancy Bartholomew

These people ARE THE BEST EVER! We highly recommended walker and walker! It was painless, easy, and quick! The people in this office answered ALL MY QUESTIONS QUICKLY!
They treat you with respect and dignity! The people, Jackie, Allen and ESPECIALLY DEBRA
could be my friend. So if you are thinking about bankruptcy, do yourself a HUGE FAVOR AND GO HERE!
Nancy and Doug
Review Left On 12/29/2019
Jeff Lewison

Highly recommend Walker and Walker helped us resolve our problems. Excellent team of lawyers. If you need them to help your finicals problems they are the one for you. We are so happy we went to them..
Review Left On 11/29/2019
Fred Bodin

Great people
Review Left On 10/29/2019
Robin Geist

They were so helpful, answered all my questions, made sure I had all the information I needed and kept me updated all along the way.
Review Left On 10/29/2019
Harry Drumbeater

Review Left On 10/29/2019
Jess Sayer

I had been dreading the process I must say that Walker and Walker made it very easy and painless. Big kudos to Deborah Grant. She was super friendly, helpful and responded to emails/phone calls very quickly. I highly recommend this firm for your Bankruptcy needs.
Review Left On 09/29/2019
Molly McDonald

Great experience fast service
Review Left On 09/29/2019
Debra St Martin

I am suffering from Parkinson’s disease since May 2011. I was able to continue working but as my disease was getting a little worse I decided to have Deep Brain Surgery as I was determined to be a good candidate I had the surgery in July 2017 and I am now on LTD and social security which is 60% of my pay so I lost 40% of my income over the years I racked up a ton of debt so I came to Walker & Walker for assistance I was very ashamed but the staff couldn’t have been nicer I started with a Chapter 13 and then converted to a Chapter 7 when my income went down. I was really nervous about going to court but the staff told me it was going to be a breeze as they had taken care of all the paperwork They were right everything went so smooth. I can’t thank them enough especially Meara and Andrew they were both great I feel so much better now that all that debt is gone

Thanks a bunch
Review Left On 09/29/2019
Lynn Goude

Everyone at the St. Paul office are supportive, caring and kind! For having to go through a negative experience, they were always positive! My thanks go out to them all! I highly recommend them!!!
Review Left On 08/29/2019
Richard Miller

Very respectful answer my question s
Review Left On 06/29/2019
Gustavo Mahecha

(Translated by Google) Very good lawyers. They speak Spanish, and the consultation is free.

Muy buen abogados. Hablan español, y la consultacion es gratis.
Review Left On 04/29/2019
Ray Lars

Lots of Offices , nice people
Review Left On 03/29/2019
Mary Reis

Wonderful firm! They helped me out of a rough spot financially and made everything easy.
Review Left On 03/29/2019

(Translated by Google) Attorney Andrew Walker helped me out of my debts and I was able to keep my house. No more calls from creditors. He made the process very simple. Thank you so much

El abogado Andrew Walker me ayudo a salir de mis deudas y yo pude conservar mi casa. Se acabaron las llamadas de acreedores. El hizo el proceso muy sencillo. Muchas Gracias
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Judi Anderson

They made the whole experience very pleasant. They explained everything very well, and answered all the question. TJ always made you feel welcome. Mr. C. Walker even helped us when he came in, and everyone else was busy.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Carol Gagner

I chose Walker and Walker because they were recommended to me. They were close to my work so I decided to try it. I was so scared that I was going to be judged because of the amount of debt I had. The fear was so strong I had anxiety, I was feeling very vulnerable and not worthy to ask for help. But I new I couldn't go on trying to deal with the creditors calling I was so stressed out. And then I had a knock at my door and was handed a summons. That was it, I knew if I didn't do something I would loose everything and be out on the street. I picked up the phone and called Walker and Walker. I cried the whole time I was talking to Stephanie, but she was so nice and made me feel so comfortable I knew I called the right place. Then I was more confident in going in to meet with them.
From the minute I walked in the door I was treated with nothing but kindness and respect. I met with Bennett Hartz who is so kind and genuinely cared about what I was going through. He assured me that there are many people in my same predicament and they don't seek help because of the same reason. Then we talked about how much it would cost. I want you to know that when I heard how much it was going to cost I was overwhelmed and thought there is no way I could ever come up with that kind of money. Then Bennett told me I could do a payment plan, so much a month until the amount was satisfied and then they could begin with the bankruptcy.
The next time I went in I met with Amber Harkins and she walked me through the process of taking the online Credit Counseling Course because I was afraid of that as well. . Please if you only take one thing out of this, don't be afraid of how much there is to do, it may seem overwhelming at fir but, Bennett told me to take one day at a time, and if I had any question they would be just a phone call away and not to hesitate calling them and know that when it is all over I will not have to feel stressed or overwhelmed again.
I called there often to help me through each step I needed to take. They also have a free book in their office on bankruptcy and what to expect. I picked it up and read through it. That book and my talks with Bennett put me at ease, no more anxiety for me! I feel more confident with my new found strength. THANK YOU BENNETT and WALKER AND WALKER for helping me get my hope and LIFE back!
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Terry White

The wife and I were very nervous when we went to Walker & Walker, we walked into the office and were greeded by Amber Harkin who immeadiately set our worries to ease.She walked us through the whole program and made it all very easy to understand. The other great thing was we were able to make payments on the lawyers fees. Terry & Kathy
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Mary Lindahl

Let's be honest, no one wants to file bankruptcy. I know I didn't and never in my life did I think I would need to. I suffered a stroke 7 months ago and have been on disability and burning through my savings. I finally had to face the fact that I needed help and unfortunately bankruptcy was the only option. I dealt with a tug of war with what I thought was the right thing to do was and realistically what I had to do.

I contacted Walker and Walker in tears and they were very kind and supportive. When I meet with them for the first time they made me feel very comfortable and walked me through the process and I walked out of that meeting feeling hopeful. I to this day struggle with the decision I had to make but I know it was the right one to protect me and come out of this financially sound.

So if you find yourself in a similar situation I would strongly recommend Walker and Walker.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Toyaljohnson Johnson

I want to say work with Curtis Walker Law was amazing. At some point I worried so much but they reassure me that everything was going to be okay. They was able to answer all my questions and walk me through the process.
Anastasia Kazmina I want to thank you so and also Latasha.
Curtis Walker you have a wonderful and amazing staff at the Saint Paul location thank you all once again. I will refer anyone that is in need of financial help.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Roger Herrera

My wife and I were going through some very hard times and were barely making ends meet. We met with Anastasia who is a Lawyer for Walker & Walker Law Offices. She helped us with our chapter 7 bankruptcy. She was very patient and able to explain all options we had that we can understood clearly and the process up to completion. I would highly recommend this firm if you are considering filing bankruptcy.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Bernard Craig

They welcome you into the office and are easy too talk to about your issues that you got going on. I would recommend this Office to anyone is looking to get back on track financially. They didnt judge me when I explain my situation. We all through things in life they put me at ease by not judging my past.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Bree Loges

TJ was so amazing! She knew the answers to all my questions, and the few things she didn't know she found out right away. If I would've gotten TJ years ago I would've been done with my bankruptcy. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart TJ for your expertise, time, caring, understanding and patience with me.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Shannon Kolve

They made a difficult situation pleasant! Andrew and Bennett are great guys to work with! Everyone was incredibly helpful.
Review Left On 03/01/2018
Carrie Ingbritson

Thank you for making a difficult situation bearable and less of a burden. A personal thank you to Amber H. for making it fun on occasion. I would not have waited so long in resolving my financial issues if I had realized how painless you were able to make it.
Review Left On 03/01/2017
Mindy S.

Wonderful people to work with.
Review Left On 03/01/2017
Henry Meyer

Curtis Walker has a team of Lawyers and Paralegals that helped deside what chapter I should file and what I needed to do as my case has started. It's important to do some research and inform his staff of all the facts. Most important is to follow all advice. After I filed my case, the team helped with problems that came up. If you file chapter 7 they have a great plan.
Review Left On 03/01/2017
james anderson

Very prompt and helpful. They answered all my questions about the cost and process of fileing bankruptcy. The people I dealt with seem to have the knowledge that is required to file . they were very friendly and nonjudgemental. It was a relief to have them on my side

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